December 14, 2008

Don't Land At That Airfield

This interesting site shows abandoned "little known airfields". There are images of airports, airfields, airplanes and maps. Some history is included as well. The ground areas are neglected and out of shape. There are several towns for each state. The pictures above from the top are Anacostia, DC, Airdome, SF, and Rocky Mount, NC

Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields

December 6, 2008

Operator, Are You There?

Hey there, I am trying to slowly get back to posting more regularly. I am still going through the grief and all, but will do the best I can.

So here is a link that I found a week ago about a Telephone Museum. The telephones pictures here all vintage. All antique. The telephones are from 1876 to 1916. There are no novelties phones here.

Cyber Telephone Museum

November 30, 2008

Got Milk Yet?

There are a lot of different milk bottle brands. Some are pretty neat looking. The Pink Panther is my favorite (it's actually playing on tv right now). The site if from the UK, so I think most of these are from the UK, although I saw some in other languages.

Milk Bottle Of The Week

November 24, 2008

Wanna Grab A Sub?

Interesting food site with a section about the history of sandwiches. I don't know if it covers every sandwich that exists on earth, but there are plenty of sandwiches here to learn about. It's amazing how many of these have some type of meat in them. I am a vegetarian, but I guess it's still interesting to learn how these tradition started culture wise.

What's Cooking America: History of Sandwich History

Another related page (long title):

What's Cooking America: Main Food History Index:

History and Legends of Favorite Foods

November 12, 2008

To Post Or Not. Maybe Donate?

Dear Readers,

I am not going to be posting much due to the death of my dog, exactly three weeks ago. I go day by day. It is a traumatic time for me so it's difficult for me to be motivated. I mentioned in a previous post that he was killed by a pitbull which I witnessed. Since I don't know what the future of my blog will be, it is possible that I'll quit. On the other hand, I might get my desire to blog again in the near future.

The good new is that I will be getting a new service dog next year, and may be even foster and train one until it graduate the hearing dog program. With the new dog in my life are sure will change for the better, but no dog will replace my dear Bodie. He was a charmer and stole the heart of many people.

Now there is a new program that just started (the old program was at the SFSPCA which terminated them in May) and runs privately. Since the new program was just established, they don't have any dogs to train yet. But the dogs are coming over very soon for their training. The program has some money and they will do fundraising. So, if you are interested in donating, please read the following information at the end of this post, that I received from the program about the donating methods.

Your donation will help many deaf people who rely on these dogs to let them know when the phone rings, when someone knock or bell ring at the door, a fire, when the alarm clock off (useful when your alarm doesn't wake you up). When at timer goes off at the kitchen. You can even teach the dog to know your name, when other people ask the dog where you are!

If you are interested in donating to the HDP (Hearing Dog Program) in Memory of Bodie, or just want to donate (I'd love it if you donate, even if it's not in memory of Bodie). Bodie was trained as a hearing dog with that program. Any service dog can do wonder for many people in need, and Bodie was one of them.

Thank you!
Daphna - The Linkster

The Hearing Dog Program
2912 Diamond Street, Suite #221
San Francisco, CA 94131-3208
415.286.3925 (mobile)

Please have the checks payable to "The Hearing Dog Program" and then write in the memo space either your name or "In memory of Bodie." Right now, we can only take checks or money orders. We hope to have online donations available soon, though.

November 10, 2008

World of Mailboxes

I have been searching for a new mailbox that is shaped as a house (mine is falling apart) to buy when I came across these sites.

Sam's Mailbox Pictures Collection

I originally was searching this site to buy a new mailbox They have nice ones for sale if you are interested. They are too elaborated for me though.

The Mailbox Ranch

November 7, 2008

Article - CNN: White House Pets

Wow, this article came a day after I posted about the presidents pets in a list that I am a member at!


Here is what I post in another list yesterday:

Presidents with unusual pets:

Artist: Donna McLeod

Donna McLeod is a Rubber Band artist. She started this hobby 6 years ago, and eventually became very skilled as a rubber band artist. All her arts are purely from shaped rubber bands. Her artworks and sculptures are so amazing that they were even featured and displayed at the Everson Museum in Syracuse, New York. About halfway of the site's page, there is a link for the rest of her portfolio.

Rubber Band Artwork by Donna McLeod

British Ads Of The Past

In Historyworld you'll find plenty of old British advertising with wide range of topics. According to this site, they have 86 old photographs, 99 old fashion images and 1,518 old advertisements. That's huge! It'll take you a while bit to view them all. There is barely anything in the nostalgia section though. Bummer!


October 26, 2008


I am still mourning the loss of my best friend and pal, Bodie. He was only 6. He was attacked mercilessly by a Boxer and a Pit Bull who had a history of killing in the past. Bodie had a deep and big puncture wound in his lung. The Boxer and Pit Bull were not supposed to be at the dog park due to their violent nature. Unfortunately, their presence at the dog park cost Bodie's life. Bodie lost his battle while at the hospital's table. He did not survived despite the vet's efforts to save him. So, I wanted to post his picture in honor of him.

He was a wonderful dog who touched the heart of many people with his daily antic. He was one of a kind will be very much missed.

If you wonder what breed he is, he is a large Papillon, which means butterflies in French.

October 23, 2008

No Posting

I am not going to post for awhile. My little dog was killed by a Pitbull with a Boxer ganging. He was everything to me. I am too devastated to post anything now.

The Linkster

October 18, 2008

Life At The Greenwich Village

Here is an interesting article about the history of Greenwich Village, by the "Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation". The article is an edited excerpt from "The Encyclopedia of New York City" edited by Kenneth T. Jackson.

The second site, "Old & Sold Antique Digest" also has an article called "Greenwich Village - The History Of A City Square". It was originally published sometime in early 1900's.

Now if you haven't visited the Village, I strongly recommend that you visit it when you are in NYC. I have been there for a while and loved it. I enjoyed strolling on Bleeker street, and eating an ice cream. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the ice cream place. Drat! I only remember how expensive it was. But it was good though. Resting at the famous Washington Square park and watching the dogs playing at the park was relaxing. The Village is my favorite place in NYC. If you are a pasta addict like me, you'll find plenty of Italian restaurants at the west village. It was a pasta heaven for me! ;-) If you like Middle East food, you'll find the real thing right in the West Village. If you are an artist or bohemian, you'll probably enjoy East Village, and Soho and which is close to the Village.

There are no pictures of the village which really surprised me. Maybe next time that I'll post about the Village, I'll post one with a gallery. ;-)

Thank you, Cathy for sending me the links.

Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation

Old & Sold Antique Digest

October 16, 2008

Halloween Magazine FYI

So this is basically an online magazine that covers various stuff about Halloween. A few examples: articles, traditions, Trick & Treats, toys and Safety. There are also news and movie reviews.

There are many links too, but I didn't check them out. So I can't vouch for them.

Halloween Online Magazine

"Spooky" Children

This is just freaky. Some of the children are actually spooky. It's an article from the Purple Slinky blog.

12 Very Strange Children's Costumes Not for the Faint of Heart

Problem with the link? Try this shortened link.

October 15, 2008

Know Your Folklore

American Folklore is a great resource of scary stories for Halloween. They have scary stories, ghost stories, funny ghost stories and even audio for spooky podcasts. Also, supernatural stories.

Since Halloween is coming up, I mentioned the scary stories. But the site isn't dedicated specifically to scary stories. You can read about children stories, myths & legends, Native Indians, Mexican, US and Canadian folklore, campfire stories, animal stories, heroes & villains, and tall tales.

There are also weather lore, railroad stories, tongue twisters and Latin American folklore. American Folklore also offers lesson plans and ESL (English as a Second Language) short stories.

American Folklore

October 14, 2008

The Way Cruise Liners Used To Be

I enjoyed looking at the pictures and read a bit. I spent a long time browsing through; actually I still am. ;-) There are vintage photos about cruising liners, history, articles, reviews, people and celebs at sea, even a section for Love Boat and more! There are also YouTube clips. There are also posts about streamliners. So go ahead enjoy your voyage at sea. Don't forget your ticket!

Cruising The Past

October 13, 2008

Pop Up Your Book

"Pop Goes The Page" is an exhibition from the University of Virginia's special collection department library. It is basically educational and has images of children books and explanation for each one. I really liked that exhibition. The Pop Goes The Page, as you probably have guessed from the title, is an exhibition of old pop up books. Mostly from the 19th century, and early 20's century.

Pop Goes The Page

Have a look at their other exhibitions. Worth checking it out. There good ones listed. I liked the "The Psychedelic 60's" exhibition. Many of these exhibitions are "serious" and so different. They are mostly related to historical events and eras. Some examples: "Jewish Life At Charlottesville", "The Tibetian Book of the Dead", "Censorship Wielding the Read Pen", and the "Sublime Anxiety: The Gothic Family and the Outsider".

Current Exhibitions

*"The Firebird the Factory: Modern Russian Children Books" exhibition does not work. What a bummer! I would have loved to see that exhibition.

October 11, 2008

News - Hacking Your Computer

Thought it would be a good idea to post this. It's not just YouTube but it's also MySpace, FaceBook and AIM that have been attacked by hackers. They steal your data from your computer in such a clever way. It's scary how easily we can get hacked, just by opening an email with a fake YouTube link from a friend.

Hackers using fake YouTube pages to attack computers

October 10, 2008

Watch Out, Vincent! Here Comes the B Monster!

The Astounding B Monster features actors and actresses who starred in scary B movies like Marie Windsor and John Kerr. You can read articles, interviews and the newsletters. You can find the list of the scary movies that these actors played at. There are well known actors that I didn't know played in B movies, like James Arness (who played the sheriff in Gunsmoke). There are also interesting interviews like the one with Victoria Price, the daughter of Vincent Price.

I wish they hadn't stopped posting on their site. Last time it was updated was in January 2006. What a bummer! They do have a book though, that you can buy at Amazon.

Click on the main image to enter the site. The images at the top of my post were partially clipped, I just couldn't screen the entire layout. By the way, if you keep refreshing the B Monster homepage, you'll get a different image each time. They are not in a specific order, so it takes awhile to see them all, but it's fun.

The Astounding B Monster

October 9, 2008

Wisconsin Historical Society's Birdeye Maps

Recently, on September 13 I post a site called "Texas Bird's-Eye Views". The Flickr link is similar, except this time it's the Wisconsin Birdeye Maps. Both sites below are from the Wisconsin Historical Society. You can view the maps at Flickr. The second url is the Wisconsin Historical Society's site.

Flickr - Wisconsin Birdeye Maps

Wisconsin Historical Society

October 8, 2008

Blog - Wonderful Wonderblog

I hope I didn't post this last yer. The Wonderful Wonderblog blog currently has a countdown for Halloween. It's not a day by day countdown though. The blogger stopped posting in October 8. I believe the intended goal was to post daily. Unfortunately the blogger, Erick, has a hard time keeping up with the countdown due to personal issues. It does have good Halloween items. There are also good non-Halloween related pop culture posts. Great stuff.

Additionally, there is also a real time list of other blogs' halloween countdowns and posts.

Wonderful Wonderblog - Halloween Countdown 2008

October 7, 2008

Flickr - tOkKa

tOkKa's Retro Revelations of the K-Mart Kid's set

The Real Brothers Grimm's Scary Stories

I don't know how well known is the fact that the original Brothers Grimm's stories were very dark and cruel. They weren't children books. Those original stories were met with great dislike from teachers, parents and religious figures. The Kennedy Center tells us that they mostly disliked the "the gruesome punishments inflicted on the stories' villains. In the original Snow White, for example, the evil stepmother is forced to dance in red-hot iron shoes until she falls down dead."

But their stories gradually became very popular with children. It was a period when children books were in a high demand. The brothers realized the potential their stories have in that area. That prompted the brothers to soften their stories for children.

Besides reading all about these brothers, you can read the original stories.

About the Brothers Grimm and Fairytales

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Guardians of the Fairy Tales: The Brothers Grimm

The brothers picture above is from the Nation Master Encyclopedia:

Nation Master Encyclopedia: Brothers Grimm

October 6, 2008

What To Read? A Dime Novel or A Story Paper?

So, here is a basic summary of the introduction. Stanford's Dime Novel and the Story Paper genres were popular from the mid to the end of the 19th century in America and England. In England though, the novels were referred as "Penny Dreadfuls". They targeted the young working class. They were sold in newsstands and dry good stores. The dime novels covered stories of the Wild West adventures with cover illustrations. Other covered tales of urban outlaws, detective stories working-girl narratives of virtue defended and costume romances. The wild west adventure stories had gory cover illustration. I viewed the wild west stories and indeed, they were too gory for me!

The story papers were distributed as a weekly eight page tabloid, who were similar to the dime novels. Unlike the dime novels, the story papers material and themes were appropriated for the entire family. They had a huge circulations those days. In a major contrast to the Dime Novel illustration, the story papers combined the text with the illustrations as wood engraving.

The Stanford Dime Novel and Story Paper Collection has over 8,000 individual items! If you choose to use the "browse images" method via the home page, you'll come across the results of 2369 images! Holy cow! I also recommend that you check out the "Time Line" section. It's pretty cool.

Dime Novels & Penny Dreadfuls

October 5, 2008

eBay - King's Toys And Dolls

An excerpt from King's Toys and Dolls: "King's Toys & Dolls offers a great selection of 1950s through 1980s pop culture collectibles". They also have items from the 90's.

Indeed there are tons of toys from those eras. It's amazing to see so many of them. There are 29 subjects total. I was jealous when I was viewing the cartoon characters and advertising dolls ;-) Good stuff.

If you are unable to go the store's url directly, use the link. It should direct you to the eBay url.

King's Toys and Dolls


King's Toys and Dolls

YouTube - Mother Goose Goes To Hollywood (1938)

According to "TheHideHoMan" this cartoon has been banned for racist stereotypes (I don't know when). It was nominated for the Oscars though. It features caricatures of Katherine Hepburn, les Marx Brothers, W. C. Fields, Charles Laughton, Spencer Tracy, Laurel and Hardy, Edward G. Robinson, Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, Greta Garbo, Fats Waller and Cab Calloway.

October 4, 2008

Blog - Good News Blog

You know, everytime I turned on the news or read them, all I see are bad and depressing stories. Some of them are obviously for the shock values. So, when I do see a positive and heartwarming story (I am not talking about the entertainment section). It's like only a story or two among all the crappy news. Some days there are nothing. Sometimes I don't even read the news for a while because they can ruin my day.

Several years ago, I've came across this site and was surprised to see that there is a pleasant news site to read. It was nice to see something like that for a change. Some stories are about people, life, heroes, miracles, charity, science and technology, reunited, and animals.

I wish that all major news outlets would tone down the bad news that we could do without, and focus on bringing on more positive news.

Good News Blog

Know Your Horror Cinema

An excerpt from "About Us" describes the site is: "a website dedicated to exploring and celebrating the history of the horror film, through reviews, articles, and biographies of artists who have contributed to the genre."

In Reviews there are reviews for movies both old and new. Such as the classic "It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958)", and "An American Haunting (2005)" .

In Masters you'll see names of actors, writers, effects (example: Rob Bottin), directors and studios.

In Newsreels you'll find scoops and news.

There are also links which I have not checked yet. The links go by subjects, for example, television/horror hosts and German films sites.

I did have trouble with the buttons that lead you to the next page. They work, but they are slow. But it's worth it (well, I am on DSL).


October 3, 2008

Looking For A Haunted House?

My "scary" link for today is the Haunted Houses directory. Looking for a haunted house? Or maybe a haunted or a Halloween event? You might find what you are looking for here:

Farewell Mr. Clean

What a strange coincidence. Only a few hours after I posted my last post, I read that actor House Peters Jr. passed away from pneumonia at age 92.

The image above is from House Peters Jr. is the actor on the left. I don't who the actor on the right is, or where the scene is from.



To view his bio visit IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base):


October 2, 2008

Mr. Clean - An Update

I just got comment from Scott with a link showing us the face behind Mr. Clean. The actor who played him is House Peters Jr. I posted the comment in the original "Mr. Clean Will Clean Your Whole House" post.

To see the original post go to:

Monsters 411 To Go

Couldn't think of a better title..

Finally, October is here and Halloween is on the way. So, like last year, I'll be posting some scary links, but not gory. Be warned anyway!

Today I will start with "Monsters 411". It's a pretty cool site. As you can see it is dedicated to monsters. You can read interviews (for example: Ray Harryhausen!). Articles (example: Bob Burns & Restoring The Time Machine). For some reason these two categories show "coming soon", but they do function. Just click on the image. I think this site is a bit new. But I am not sure because I don't see any copyrights.

Also, there are reviews, magazines, photos, monster arts and miscellaneous (dvds, books, cds, video clips). There are also links that I have not checked.

If you like to create/draw monster arts, you can send your own too.

The drawing above was drawn by Frank Dietz's. Click on his drawing at Monsters 411 and you'll land on his personal site. He has awesome sketches displayed which you can buy as well. I admit, I chose this drawing to display here, because I am a die hard fan of this original movie ;-) I don't even know how many times I've seen it since I was a kid. More than 50 times I am sure. Personally, I think it's one of George Pals' best movies.

Monsters 411

You can visit Frank Dietz's site directly from here as well:

Frank Dietz

October 1, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Mouse

As a child, I never got anything from the Tooth Fairy ;-) I didn't even know who this lady with the wings and the magic wand was. So, where is this tale coming from? An interesting explanation at Wikipedia explains its various origins. Did you know that it involved a mouse?!

Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy Coin image is from:

Tooth Fairy Coin

What Is The Meaning Of Your Friend's German Last Name?

Do you ever wonder about German surnames? What are their meaning? I occasionally do. It's sometimes fun to try to figure out what their English translation might be. Many of the family names also have more than one meaning and variants in English, German, French, and others. There are also many Jewish meanings.

Some examples:

Fromme: a nickname for an honorable man.

Frey: free man (as not being a serf).

Ringler: a maker of bone, horn, or ivory rings (occupation).

Schwartzkopf: nickname for someone with dark hair.

Rinkus: (variant of Rink): buckle maker.

Zucker: nickname for someone with sweet tooth. ALSO "an offensive nickname for someone thought to be a thief".

Family Education German Surnames

September 28, 2008

YouTube - Evolution Of Music Devices

An interesting 46 seconds lesson of a fast motion clip about the evolution of the musical devices. Starting with a Gramophone and ending with a cell phone.

September 27, 2008


This eBay store, SKEVCO Antiques Collectibles, sells many vintage items. It's really a long list, so I am not gonna list all the categories here. But the categories which have over 100 items, are tobacciana, soda pop items, sport memorabilia, tins vintage, transportation, vintage comics sheets (303!), gas & oil company ROAD MAP, car brochure, catalogs vintage, breweriana, bottles vintage and advertising vintage items.

The owners describe their store: "Dealing in Nostalgia, vintage advertising items, old toys, collectibles, & sports memorabilia, in our MONTREAL Shop since 1981."

I wish I knew what SKEVCO stands for. I'd love to know.

The eBay URL is so long, that I used the to post the link (it's still an eBay link).


September 26, 2008

The Wonder of The Connection..

I am having problem viewing sites. The connection takes too long. :-( So I am not gonna post any links today. Hopefully, it will improve tomorrow.

September 24, 2008


The site features bios of famous pets and other famous animals. Some of the famous animals featured are Asta, Babe, Black Beauty, Benji, The Pie, Flipper, Hooch and Will. Even King Kong has a spot. The bios are actually from different type of animals. Commercial animals (Taco dog, Gecko, Morris and Spuds), TV, movies, presidential, race horses, working, and weird & random.

There are also pages for Celebrity Animal Advocates, Celeb/Pet Match Game, and a Presidential Pets Quiz. In addition to these, there are also videos, forum, resources and a photo gallery. I could not access the shop though. Got an error message. I guess the page was removed.

In case you don't recognize the dogs above, it is Asta, the Terrier from "The Thin Man" movies. The mutt is the original Benji (his real name is "Higgins"). Isn't he adorable?