January 25, 2008

Is The Winchester Mystery House Haunted?

If you are in San Jose, CA and have been in the house before, then I do recommend that you visit it. I've gone there myself. It is interesting. Lots of narrow corridors though. In some sections, the stairs are a bit difficult. Much to walk around. Overall, it was an interesting experience for me. I am not sure though, that this house is accessible to wheelchairs. The way I remember it, the corridors were too narrow, and there are all those stairs. On a different note, in case you are wondering.. I didn't see ghosts. Sorry to disappoint. ;-)

Winchester Mystery House

Flickr - TRANSISTORS RADIOS' Transistors

TRANSISTOR RADIOS' has nice sets of cool vintage transistors radios images. I remember I had a red ball radio like in the image above, which I liked a lot. I used to listen to it while doing my homework. I remember listening to all those cool hits back then. Nobody need those MTV Videos. Cool radios were all we need. ;-)


January 24, 2008

Take Your Kid For A Kiddie Ride!

I was surprised to see this site. I see that CNN beat me to it. Ha. I didn't really think there were that many "versions". Some are vintage (my favorite part of course), and some are newer. These are for sale.

Kiddie Rides USA

Safety Matches From China

These aren't vintage, but thought it is interesting to see matches from another country. In this case, these are from a China, made by a company by Jining Hengjia Safety Matches Co, LTD.

Jining Hengjia Safety Matches

January 23, 2008

The Olymperials

Obviously,"The Olymperials Original Olympics Posters" is about the official olympics posters. The posters start in the year 1896 and continue until 2010. They also include special events, advertising, promotions, olympic movies, and misc posters for each olympics year. The posters above are from 1900 and 2010. Pretty interesting I'd say.

The Olymperials

Ken Butler - Artist

Ken Butler is a world famous unusual artist. He creates very imaginative hybrid instruments combined with a recycle perspective . I'm not sure if they are all "playable", but they are certainly innovative! I would have never thought of making something like that. His exhibition took place at the Marylhurst University Art Gym. It is mentioned that in the exhibition (that took place last year), will show 60 hybrid instruments of "film reel and tennis racket guitars, cowboy boot violins, axe cellos, styrofoam packaging pianos." There are 10 pictures of his instruments here.

Marylhurst University Art Gym Exhibition (2007)

Here is Ken Butler's personal site. He has an INCREDIBLE resume! I've never seen a resume this long. But I imagine that when you are a famous artist who performs internationally, you bound to have a long resume.. His resume include newspaper interviews/articles, discography, film/video production, and Media/TV appearances. There are a lot of photos of his hybrid stringed instruments and four keyboards items. There are also several ceramic and collage artwork that he made. I bet that his pieces are more impressive in person. Maybe someday I will see them myself. It would make an interesting experience.

Ken Butler Official Site

January 22, 2008

William Gruber - View Master's Inventor

I almost forgot this link, it's the history of the View Master. It was invented by William Gruber, and organ maker and a photographer from Portland, Oregon. It first appeared in the New York World's Fair in 1939.

View Master Resource History

Image belongs to:

3D Center of Art And Technology

Flickr - Gray Redfox's Viewmaster Reels

Gray Redfox also has a nice collection of animated vintage master view reels.


Flickr - mrviewmaster's Viewmaster A Packets

mrviewmaster has a nice collection of view master reel packets about the US landmarks.


January 21, 2008

The Expo Museum On Expos

In the Expo Museum you'll find the history of past expos since 1851 to present. Not only they have the history of the expos, but they also have the "layout" of the near future expos until 2020. The one for 2015 will be either in Izmir, Turkey or Milan Italy. The following three expos are still in a bid stages for 2017, 2018 and 2020. There more details about these here.

This year, if you don't know already, it will be in Zaragoza, Spain. It will take place from June 14 to 14 September.

Expo Museum

Blog - Disney History

The name says it all. Anything about the history of Disney.

Disney History Blog

January 20, 2008

Blog - Lulu's Vintage

Even though I can't say I'm big into fashion blogs, I did enjoy the vintage ads section. The page is fun and well presented. Even though these are mainly vintage fashion ads, there are also non-fashion ads. It's nice if you like variety. This blog also has a store.

Lulu's Vintage

Remember Those Comic Book Ads?

Great vintage comic book ads from Tomorrow's Heroes site.

Comic Book Ads

More in main page:

Tomorrow's Heroes