October 13, 2008

Pop Up Your Book

"Pop Goes The Page" is an exhibition from the University of Virginia's special collection department library. It is basically educational and has images of children books and explanation for each one. I really liked that exhibition. The Pop Goes The Page, as you probably have guessed from the title, is an exhibition of old pop up books. Mostly from the 19th century, and early 20's century.

Pop Goes The Page

Have a look at their other exhibitions. Worth checking it out. There good ones listed. I liked the "The Psychedelic 60's" exhibition. Many of these exhibitions are "serious" and so different. They are mostly related to historical events and eras. Some examples: "Jewish Life At Charlottesville", "The Tibetian Book of the Dead", "Censorship Wielding the Read Pen", and the "Sublime Anxiety: The Gothic Family and the Outsider".

Current Exhibitions

*"The Firebird the Factory: Modern Russian Children Books" exhibition does not work. What a bummer! I would have loved to see that exhibition.

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