February 11, 2010

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle and... Re.. cyc...le......

We, in California, are very aware of recycling. We recycle almost everything. We have different symbols for recycling, but they all are similar. They mostly resemble the green recycle icon above. I was surprised to see that there a many different recycle symbols both in the first page and the second link. Some of them are simple, and some are more elaborated. You can see them in this website:

Planet Pals - The Recycle Symbol Dictionary

Check this page also from the same site. It shows the official symbols with the numbers that indicate what type of recycle fit for certain areas. Some numbers may indicated paper only, other will be glass and aluminum, etc.

Planet Pals - Trade Recycle Symbol Dictionary

Impress Your Friends With Your Amusement Parks Physics Knowledge

This is a site for kids, but I find equally good for adults who aren't very good in science and like fun. It's an entertaining way to learn about the "Amusement Park Physics" on your own. You will learn how the rides work and their background. The first ride you'll learn about is the Roller Coaster. Next in the list are the carousel, bumper cars, free fall, pendulum, ride safety, and related sources.

There are a whole other great scientific things for kids and adults to learn about. It's a fun way to learn without reading having to read a boring essay with formulas and no imagery. So when I saw this I wanted to post it right away.

Annenberg Media Lender - Interactive

February 9, 2010

Dog Cards In Peril

I have posted about cigarette cards before. This one is different. It focus on dogs only and are quite rare. According to the site, These specific cards include rare dog breed cards that are hard to find from the 1920's and the 1930's. Lots of breeds that are features on these cards are unknown now. On the other hand there are breeds that are common today but were not widely known before WWII, so they may not mentioned in the cards. In this site they have nearly 350 dog cards all illustrated that are divided by breed and series. They include 7 whole sets. These cards are very nice.But I wish the was a way to enlarge the images, I would have love to see the details of the art.

Dog Card Art