March 28, 2009

Very Polish Posters Straight From Poland

This is a Polish poster site. I have not seen all posters, but have seen many of them, and so far, I've been impressed with most of them. My favorite thing about the site, was how they designed the American movies posters. It's so amazing, some of these designs threw me off, I would have never guessed what movies they were supposed to be if not for the translation for the name of the movie. Their design style is nothing like the original American style movie poster. I barely even recognize Charlie Brown. It's very foreign like. Some of them are actually creepy, it made me wonder if the artists actually saw the movie before designing the posters, because some of the designs seem way off track.

There is an English translation for the posters. So basically, there poster covers fir movies, theaters, music, circus and other posters.

You can also browse through artist names. This site also sells books. I recommend you check the site map as well.

You can probably guess what most of the posters above are. The one with the elephant is for a circus poster and the lady on the low right is a Madam Butterfly opera poster.

As for Tootsie, I prefer the American style ;-)

Polish Poster Gallery

March 27, 2009

YouTube- William Shatner Sings

Well, here is Leonard Nimoy's buddy who also enjoys having a songs of his own songs.

Check him out in the Mike Douglas show in 1969. This is part 1 of 2. In part 2 he sings part of " Transformed Man"

Mike Douglas Show Part 2

YouTube - Leonard Nimoy sings!

I knew that Leonard Nimoy had a music record, but I never have seen a video of him (besides an episode of Star Trek) actually singing. What a haircut!

March 25, 2009

Do You Know "GI" Joe's Name?

I remember, Joe was very popular in mid 70's when I was a kid. According to what I've read, it's the most popular doll for boys ever. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this doll first appeared in 1964. I always thought it was first produced in early 1970's..

Also I finally learned what exactly is in the name. Originally, people thought it stood for "Government issue". But it was not Hasbro's name for it. His real name is "Galvanized Iron." Some people still think it stands for Government Issue though. As for how the name came to be, was due to the movie "The Story of G.I Joe" (1945). I've heard of this movie (but never seen it), and have wondered in the past if there is any relation to the doll and the movie. Now I know the answer!

GI Joe

March 23, 2009

A Soviet Motor A Day

I mostly can tell the differences between western and eastern cars. But motorcycles is another story for me. I am totally clueless. Some the cycles do look nice. This site is about Soviet cars and motorcycles. Some of the cycles do looks a bit different from the western cycles. The site is both in English and Italian.

March 22, 2009

YouTube - The Most Strange And The Most Nice Police Cars

Wow, these are some awesome police cars!!! Too bad the U.S police want only American. least that what I read long time ago. The foreign ones that they do have, are confiscated cars. Anyhow, that's what I read.