May 30, 2009

Buy Everything But The Ordinary at Bonanzle!

This is the first time I see this store, so I don't know if they are reliable. They are similar to eBay. They have a lot of awesome and fantastic stuff. Can't say I recognize many of the toys themselves, but did recognize some of the characters. . I enjoy seeing all these vintage toys, and I think you'll do too. It's just a lot of fun. They have so many toys. Some of the toys even go back to early century. There are toys that cost like 3 bucks and there are very few that cost over a grand. There are total of 1271 toys!

Bonanzle - Vintage & Antique Toys.[filter_category_id]=717

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You can find more toys under the "toys and hobby" category (To be honest, I have not looked at that yet. But it is looking good) The url is absolutely huge, so use the tiny url instead. There are 58556 results. You can narrow it down like in eBay.

Bonanzle - Toys & Hobbies

May 28, 2009

Visit The UK For Vintage Toys

Another nice vintage toy box site from the UK where you can find vintage toys and games. There are also game rules, game Spare part, DVD for kid tv, vintage toys, books and annuals, jigsaws and puzzles. There is also an archive included. You'll also see sub categories.

This is a good site for those who are not familiar with British vintage game. Some games I did recognize from the US, like Master Mind and Operation. Note that you can enlarge the images.

Vintage Toy Box

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May 26, 2009

Blog - Vintage Toys

I am not sure if I posted it before. Have not been able to find it in my search box. Anyhow, the blog appears to have a single page only, last published on December 2008, but it's still worth checking it out.

Blog Vintage Toys

May 25, 2009

Hangin' Out WIth The Frisbee

Wow, what a nice collection. I used to play frisbee when I was a kid, but I've never seen so many type. I had a typical red Wham. I also had the ring frisbee, which in my opinion was the best frisbee that I had. There are 225 frisbees shown here. There are championship frisbees since 1974. Some are amazing. There is even an eBay frisbee and a Fonz Fling, Lifesaver and the Beach Boys. Some of the frisbees have strange designs like the Whirlee Twirlee (set 13). My favorite were some of the cartoon ones and the Good Year tire above.

Frisbee Collective

If you want to learn about the history, there is a very small essay and rules of the games.

All About Ultimate Frisbee

May 24, 2009

What Is That Creature?

A few days ago, my brother took this picture of this little creature. We don't know what it is. Chances are that this is a baby jack rabbit, since they are very popular. It's so adorable and tiny. It seems to keep itself warm, since its feet are under his body.