December 22, 2007

Have You Got A Clam?

It is a nice small site about the slang of the 1920's. I cannot of course, vouch for its accuracy. The reason I am saying this, is because a while ago, I got a private response to the 1970's slang post. The reader alerted me that it was not a good site.

This could be rather useful if you enjoy watching movies or reading books from the 1920's. I did see some of these words before from watching silents.

Here they do have quite some "fanciful" words here. They have some pretty cool ones, like this one "Bank's closed" and "Big Cheese". It's interesting to see how the slang is connected to what was going on in that era. Some of these is still used today.

Some slang words are the same, but NOT the meaning. An example is "Bimbo". I had no idea that it originally meant "a tough guy".. how did this word make such a huge negative "u-turn"??

Another favorite slang of mine is "Cash or Check?"...

By the way, look like there is a sweet typo in the description for "Dead Soldier". The kind that I make all too often..

Potpourri Slang of the 1920's

Is Your Clock Set Up For Jan 1st?

You can view it either with the Applet or a plain text. See how much time left till the new year in your country. This site is good for other type of clock counters as well.

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I am finally back and online once again. It has been a hectic week since I last posted.

So.. here I am!

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