January 5, 2008

The Museum of Television ( MZTV)

This Canadian museum, has some great galleries with good information. My favorite was the exhibition of the Television in the World of Tomorrow. It takes a bit to get used to the navigation though, but it's fun.


Flickr - Gitwithit's Magazine Ads

Gitwithit has a set of 1202 vintage non-auto magazines ads. Many which I have not seen in previous Flickr ads sets.


January 4, 2008

Flickr - Pink Ponk's 1950-1970 Advertising

Pink Ponk has a set of 128 posters of 1950s - 1970's advertising, which include Italian advertising.

Flickr- Pink Ponk


Funny, I seem to be behind every blog that is out there. I hope there are people out there that haven't seen this last year already, because these are some interesting ideas. I used to collect PEZ, and it would have never occurred to me to do these stuff.

ATYPYK are French artists who transformed PEZ into unique art. There are a couple of them that I thought were cool. Make sure to click on the arrows at the end of the gallery strip. It's easy to miss them because they blend with the background.


January 3, 2008

Tom Dukich

Tom Dukich, as you can see from the image of the "TV Lamp", certainly has unusual artwork pieces. He has interesting ideas that are combined with humor and active imagination. In a way, his artwork reminds me of the artist, Man Ray, who was a modernist with a big influence on the Dada and Surrealism movements.

Tom Dukich

What's The Name Of That Song?

Do you ever go out of your mind, because you can't remember the name of the song, or the singer in the tv ad? Well, you might just find the answer here. There is also a forum for USA, Canada and England.

What's That Called?

January 2, 2008

A New Year Report From Jib Jab

Even though Jib Jab is a well known site, I am not sure if this site is work safe. I've been there a few times, but I'm just never sure about it. Anyhow, the following clip is hilarious. When CNN mentioned it, I had to see it myself. It's a "summary" of the events of last year in a nutshell. If are allowed to watch YouTube at work, you can watch the clip there. The second link will lead you to YouTube. however, the quality of the video is best seen via JibJab. On YouTube you can also see other Jib Jab clips. I was surprised that the quality on YouTube isn't as good, because it was posted by Jib Jab.

Jib Jab 2007 Annual Report on Humanity

Jib Jab 2007 Annual Report on Humanity Via YouTube

December 31, 2007

Where Are My Keys?

This site is in German.. Has a display of numerous keychains. Apparently it's still under construction (it was updated in March 2006).

Virtual Keychain Museum in German

I just found a translated version by Google. So if you prefer it in English use the link below. I snipped the url too. Link is way too long. Keep in mind, that the translation is literal.

Virtual Keychain Museum in English

Read this amazing article from KIMT (a tv station from Iowa and Minnesota)about this collector from Honduras, Emerita Soliman, who had at one point had 30,000, before a break in at her museum.


Another article about an amazing collector, Ron Tyler, with pictures of his collection of 42,818 keychains! He is trying set world record, by beating Kurt Meadows, another collector who in 2001 he became the collector with the most keychains. At the time he had 24,810 of them.

There seem to be a conflicts of the dates that Mr. Meadows was registered. I noticed that the KMIT site (it was written in 2004) states that Kurt Meadows was registered with The Guinness Book of World Records in 2003, not 2001 as the Topeka Capital-Journal site states (there is no article date).

Capital Journal

So, I went to the 2008 Guinness World Record Book site to see the latest update. Now I see that Brent Dixon was the largest key chain collector with a collection of.. guess what? 41,418 non-duplicate keychains! A bit too many to fit into my pocket! Just kidding. So, I guess Ron Tyler didn't get in, which I find rather interesting. If you look at his figures, you'll see that he has more keychains than Mr. Dixon. Hmm..

Guinness World Records 2008

December 30, 2007

British TV Nostalgia

Television Heaven is a British site about tv shows that were or are running on British TV. So there is some nostalgia here. They have a lot of reviews. Not all shows are British. There are American shows as well. Don't forget to check their links, there are some British retro and nostalgic links listed. I've only seen some of them, so I can't really give much of a feedback. But I can tell you that I liked the "Teletronic" and the "Reminisce This" sites