June 11, 2009

Flickr - undertoons' sets

Flickr's andertoons (who is really the cartoonist Mark Anderson) has wonderful different type sets of cartoon (like the Arby's Hanna Barbera Cards). I am so envious of these sets! It's cool if you like cartoons. Not everything are cartoon cards, there are other interesting stuff. some are scarecrows. There are series photos of something called MOC. I've never heard of this before. And another one I've never heard of before either, Drink-Up Cartoon Playing Cards. Overall, there are quite a bit of cartoon cards even if some of the deck are missing. It is still interesting.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at all these sets or at least most of them

Flickr - andertoon's sets

June 10, 2009

Flickr - wackystuff's sets

I hope I didn't post this flickr user before. I feel as if I have, but I don't see it in my blog's search box. Oh well. If I did, won't hurt to see it again. wackyystuff has some pretty cool sets here. Lots of fun. Some of the sets are advertising characters, mail art, match packs, books and magazines, cinderella stamps (hmm, I used to collect stamps as a kid and this is the first time I hear this term), ephemera and a few more sets.

BTW, the postcrossing set is a bit of an odd set.

Flickr - wakcystuff's sets

June 9, 2009

A Dog Named Tutti-frutti

There are a lot of unusual dog names from around the world. You'll see wide of categories that include other things like dog blogs, famous dog names, dog names based on candy names, cars, brand, etc. Some unusual examples: R2D2, Gazpacho, Razzmatazz, Marshmallow, Jalapeño, Alpha Male, Amnesia, IBM, Moptop... really lots of strange names for both male and females. It's fun to see what kind of names some people come up with.

Dog Names and More

June 7, 2009

футбол is soccer in Russian but..

don't ask me how to pronounce the Russian word for football/soccer. The if you had to write it down, you'd write it as "fudbol", but pronouncing it is as it's written is a different story. To learn how to pronounce it, you gonna have to know grammar, such as phonetics and the consonants which are obviously are different than ours.

From Wikipedia, these are all Russian soccer logos. I had no idea they have or had so many of them. I can't translate them though. I wish i could. Some of them are quite cool. It seems that some of these logos are from the same team like the Dynamo team; which is a similar concept as the other site that I posted while back about the evolution of the teams' logos.