August 22, 2009

Blog - Washed Up Celebrities

You know how celebrities come and go when their heydays are over, like Dice Clay and Zachery Ty Bryan (Brad from Home Improvement)? Some celebrities try to stay "alive" and still perform in public. Well, this blog is just about these people. I had fun with the their current as adults. I was mostly curious about those who were children when they were famous. For example, Tiffany Brissette who played the little girl robot from "Small Wonder" and Jared Rushton (Josh's best friend in "Big") The blogger, "Movie Fan", tells you that his blog is about the "washed up celebrities desperately trying to stay in the public eye long after their time in the limelight has passed". Above are pictures of Dice Clay when he was a celebrity, and his older self as a washed up ex celeb. I never did like him because he was very arrogant, but thought the physical transformation was interesting.

Blog - Washed Up Celebrities

August 20, 2009

Flickr - KaizenVerdant's sets

My apologies if I already posted it. The patches sets look familiar but I can't find it in my blog. Anyways, "KaizenVerdant" has quite a few awesome sets. The shoprite supermarkets set brought me memories from decades ago when I lived back east. I used to like that store. I also enjoyed the pictures of the carton milks boxes collection (last page) within packaging & advertising set.

Flickr - KaizenVerdant

August 19, 2009

Ride A Pram

An Interesting small blog about prams (push chair/ baby stroller). It's fun to see both old and contemporary prams. I remembers those 1970's prams, they seem so "low hi tech" to what we have now. You couldn't even fold some of these old prams like today, or fit them in the car. I remember the first time I actually saw a folding stroller was in mid-70's. But it was just the beginning, I think. I think it was a French stroller. They didn't fold like they do today, and you certainly couldn't convert it to a car seat and vice verse. They were simple. It's amazing how advanced and far they have become when comparing to the early and classic stroller. Those were so big and were practically beds on wheels, that all the baby could see was probably the clouds and mom's face.;-p

I saw another awesome retro stroller somewhere in some gadget site I think. But I don't remember where I saw it. So far I have not been able to find it. Bummer. An artist designed it. Not sure if it was for actual use or just an art piece.

Blog - Pram Museum

The image above from the top are the Supersroller, PRAMULATOR and the Bomo. The Superstroller is from 1947. I have no idea what year the other two are.

Check out this cool one from Daddy Types blog.

Daddy Type

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August 18, 2009

Do You Brush Your Teeth?

Interesting site from the University of Minnesota. There are collections of American Social Hygiene Posters from 1910-1970. It's actually a search engine where you can use the category and the year you want to find the posters. However, some years you'll hardly find anything or nothing, or even the year you want (most are up to 1950), and other years you'll find quite a bit. For example, in the "health" category, only in 1920 see good results. As I mentioned earlier there are some good stuff here, but this is just not an extensive site. Perhaps, this site is still at work?

I could not find the button for the "search" at first. So to save you a headache, it is right below the blue banner on the right hand side.

University Of Minnesota - American Social Hygiene Posters

Americans Sing Songs For America

Images of WWI military music sheets with the lyrics attached.

WWI Military Sheet Music

August 17, 2009

YouTube's Greatest Hits From Fortune!

It was fun to see some of them again. Such hilarious clips! 'The Evolution Of Dance' in cracked me up. I chuckled when watched Charlie Bit Me' and 'OK Go: Here It Goes Again' and the 'Man Dancing'they were definitely amazing. I was at awe. Isn't it amazing the creative ideas that some people come with? I would have never thought of these ideas, and I certainly wouldn't be dancing on that huge rock in between these two mountains. It was very inventive, but scary for me to watch it! I'd have a hell of a vertigo.

YouTube's Greatest Hits

The Virtual Pollack Advertising Museum

Nice collectible items by Michael Pollack. He owns this huge virtual museum. For over 30 years, Pollack has been collecting advertising items. As well prime commercial, industrial and multi-family real estate projects. He collected so much that he needed to build a new facility building to house his collectibles. His 110 Baranger displays and over 7,000 advertising items are now rest in a special section of a 7,000 square foot area inside the 31,000 square foot building. The rest of building is for his corporation offices.

Even though the museum is authentic (apparently not accessible to the public?) and is located in Mesa, AZ, you can only see it virtually on line and photographs.

The categories are: banks, baranger, lunch boxes, slot machines, tap handles and misc.

Pollack Advertising Museum

Anti - Alcohol Posters From Those Old Soviet Days

Check out these Soviet anti alcohol that were published during the propaganda era.

The Museum Of Anti Alcohol Posters

August 16, 2009

The Most Incredible Human Feats!

The Human Marvels site is about true and incredible unique human feats from the past to present. The blogger tells us that his site is about "Presenting peerless prodigies of physical phenomina you may call them oddities freaks or monstrosities - whatever you will- but I call them incredible, persevering, resourceful, and marvelous human beings. I chronicle their inspirational stories of triumph over nature, fate, and the judgment of man."

One example is the image above, it shows a man leaning on a stool or table. If you look at his shoes, you'll notice a very tiny woman standing next to him. Yeah, I didn't notice her either at first. Her name is Pauline Muster also known as Princess Pauline. She was born in February 26, 1876 in Ossendrecht in the Netherlands. On the Guinness Book of World Records she is considered the smallest woman in the world at just one foot and 11.2 in height. Her story is incredible. To read more about her, check her out under a category called "dwarfism".

The Human Marvels