November 7, 2008

Article - CNN: White House Pets

Wow, this article came a day after I posted about the presidents pets in a list that I am a member at!


Here is what I post in another list yesterday:

Presidents with unusual pets:

Artist: Donna McLeod

Donna McLeod is a Rubber Band artist. She started this hobby 6 years ago, and eventually became very skilled as a rubber band artist. All her arts are purely from shaped rubber bands. Her artworks and sculptures are so amazing that they were even featured and displayed at the Everson Museum in Syracuse, New York. About halfway of the site's page, there is a link for the rest of her portfolio.

Rubber Band Artwork by Donna McLeod

British Ads Of The Past

In Historyworld you'll find plenty of old British advertising with wide range of topics. According to this site, they have 86 old photographs, 99 old fashion images and 1,518 old advertisements. That's huge! It'll take you a while bit to view them all. There is barely anything in the nostalgia section though. Bummer!