October 4, 2008

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You know, everytime I turned on the news or read them, all I see are bad and depressing stories. Some of them are obviously for the shock values. So, when I do see a positive and heartwarming story (I am not talking about the entertainment section). It's like only a story or two among all the crappy news. Some days there are nothing. Sometimes I don't even read the news for a while because they can ruin my day.

Several years ago, I've came across this site and was surprised to see that there is a pleasant news site to read. It was nice to see something like that for a change. Some stories are about people, life, heroes, miracles, charity, science and technology, reunited, and animals.

I wish that all major news outlets would tone down the bad news that we could do without, and focus on bringing on more positive news.

Good News Blog

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