December 5, 2009

YouTube - Surprised Kitty Cat cutest ever :))

I have watched this video several times since it was posted on YouTube not too long ago. The kitten makes me smile each time I watch it. It sure can make you smile when you have a bad day. Now, it's about time for me to post it already!

December 3, 2009

Learn And Travel With The United States Maps

Another post that is related to United States. This site is very good. It has all kind of maps. Such as terrain, roads, highways, state maps, atlas, Washington D.C, political (which wasn't what I expected though), state abbreviations. Some of these maps will lead you to subcategories maps-information, like the "maps and directions" and a whole lots more. It'll also show you links to websites that contain info to sites such as Mapquest and via Michelin (that one is new to me), Microsfot Macpoint.

United State Map

What's The Origin Of Your State's Name?

Do you know how your state got its name? My state, California, existed it European literature before the California's region discovered! Another fact, Colorado is a Spanish name for 'ruggy' or 'red'. From the Alpha Dictionary - Dr Goodword's Office.

Origins of US State Names

November 30, 2009

What Do The Abacus & The Computer Have in Common?

Do you like learning about the computer history? This site takes you through out the history of computer starting with the original Abacus like counting board in 300 BC It was a counting board which was the primitive Abacus in 399 BC. Later in 500 BC The counting board Abacus was transformed to the Abacus that we know today.

I have seen other great on-line computer museums and sites about the computer history. They are all over the internet, like the "old computer museum" and the like. It's interesting the way this site leads us all the way to 2009 starting with a simple device as the Abacus. Personally, I find it interesting that the Abacus mentioned here, because I always thought of it as a math first "calculator". But I can certainly see why the Abacus is used in the history of the computer. It makes sense.

Computer History

Interesting though, this site states that the Abacus was invented by the Chinese in 3,000 BC. That's 5,000 years ago. But it wasn't the Abacus that we know of today. It was completely different. The methods were different. It does states that in "c300 The Chinese begin development of the abacus as a mathematical device c500 The abacus is used in Europe." There are several on-line link, but I want to let you know that the one called "The History Of The Cranmer Abacus For The Blind" didn't work for me. I got an error message. Bummer.

Abacus By The Chinese in 3,000 BC

If you want to learn about the different type of Abacus through out the world, check Wikipedia. There are many type of the Abacus.

Wikipedia - Abacus