October 18, 2008

Life At The Greenwich Village

Here is an interesting article about the history of Greenwich Village, by the "Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation". The article is an edited excerpt from "The Encyclopedia of New York City" edited by Kenneth T. Jackson.

The second site, "Old & Sold Antique Digest" also has an article called "Greenwich Village - The History Of A City Square". It was originally published sometime in early 1900's.

Now if you haven't visited the Village, I strongly recommend that you visit it when you are in NYC. I have been there for a while and loved it. I enjoyed strolling on Bleeker street, and eating an ice cream. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the ice cream place. Drat! I only remember how expensive it was. But it was good though. Resting at the famous Washington Square park and watching the dogs playing at the park was relaxing. The Village is my favorite place in NYC. If you are a pasta addict like me, you'll find plenty of Italian restaurants at the west village. It was a pasta heaven for me! ;-) If you like Middle East food, you'll find the real thing right in the West Village. If you are an artist or bohemian, you'll probably enjoy East Village, and Soho and which is close to the Village.

There are no pictures of the village which really surprised me. Maybe next time that I'll post about the Village, I'll post one with a gallery. ;-)

Thank you, Cathy for sending me the links.

Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation

Old & Sold Antique Digest

October 16, 2008

Halloween Magazine FYI

So this is basically an online magazine that covers various stuff about Halloween. A few examples: articles, traditions, Trick & Treats, toys and Safety. There are also news and movie reviews.

There are many links too, but I didn't check them out. So I can't vouch for them.

Halloween Online Magazine

"Spooky" Children

This is just freaky. Some of the children are actually spooky. It's an article from the Purple Slinky blog.

12 Very Strange Children's Costumes Not for the Faint of Heart

Problem with the link? Try this shortened link.

October 15, 2008

Know Your Folklore

American Folklore is a great resource of scary stories for Halloween. They have scary stories, ghost stories, funny ghost stories and even audio for spooky podcasts. Also, supernatural stories.

Since Halloween is coming up, I mentioned the scary stories. But the site isn't dedicated specifically to scary stories. You can read about children stories, myths & legends, Native Indians, Mexican, US and Canadian folklore, campfire stories, animal stories, heroes & villains, and tall tales.

There are also weather lore, railroad stories, tongue twisters and Latin American folklore. American Folklore also offers lesson plans and ESL (English as a Second Language) short stories.

American Folklore

October 14, 2008

The Way Cruise Liners Used To Be

I enjoyed looking at the pictures and read a bit. I spent a long time browsing through; actually I still am. ;-) There are vintage photos about cruising liners, history, articles, reviews, people and celebs at sea, even a section for Love Boat and more! There are also YouTube clips. There are also posts about streamliners. So go ahead enjoy your voyage at sea. Don't forget your ticket!

Cruising The Past

October 13, 2008

Pop Up Your Book

"Pop Goes The Page" is an exhibition from the University of Virginia's special collection department library. It is basically educational and has images of children books and explanation for each one. I really liked that exhibition. The Pop Goes The Page, as you probably have guessed from the title, is an exhibition of old pop up books. Mostly from the 19th century, and early 20's century.

Pop Goes The Page

Have a look at their other exhibitions. Worth checking it out. There good ones listed. I liked the "The Psychedelic 60's" exhibition. Many of these exhibitions are "serious" and so different. They are mostly related to historical events and eras. Some examples: "Jewish Life At Charlottesville", "The Tibetian Book of the Dead", "Censorship Wielding the Read Pen", and the "Sublime Anxiety: The Gothic Family and the Outsider".

Current Exhibitions

*"The Firebird the Factory: Modern Russian Children Books" exhibition does not work. What a bummer! I would have loved to see that exhibition.