September 22, 2007

Retro Commercials from IFILM

Here in IFILM, You can find a bunch of classic retro commercials. I think the commercials go far back all the way to the 1950's.

Imaginary World

This is probably one of the grooviest and well known retro and nostalgia site on the web. I first came across this site several years ago, when it was much smaller. It really has grown since. Swell. There are cereal and cartoon characters, gumball machine cards, fast food, funny face drink mix, food packaging, krazy ads characters, 50's animated commercials and a few other stuff.

Swanky Furniture 1970's

If you enjoyed the Eurobad site, you might like this one. From Retro Crush's swanky furniture from the 70's.

September 21, 2007


I really like this site. In the "CONELRAD: All Things Atomic" site you'll find a lot of data and information about the atomic era regarding the "atomic secrets", "atomic platters", "ground zero" (not the 9-11), panic, propaganda, illustrations/sketches, movies and just about anything related to the atomic era. They even have "atomic hygiene"

Wanna See a Truly BAD Interior Design from 1974?

I've seen this site recommended in PC World and StumbleUpon. This site is "colorful" I'd say. Here is the "EUROBAD '74, an exhibition of Europe's worst interiors of 1974". There are campy pictures of these truly bad european interiors. When I'm saying bad, I mean worst than bad. There is even a horse in a stable by the kitchen with green wood ceiling (I can't even tell if the kitchen is inside the stable, or the other way around), and there is even a green car in another odd looking green kitchen. Some of these pictures actually amuse me.

The last picture reminds me of the National Geographic Magazine. I think I'm about to get hypnotized any minute now (by the couch)....

Go See the Big Kid

The "Big Kid" collectable store is located in Los Angeles. Personally, I have never been there, but I'd love to visit next time I am in town. From what I can see, they have pretty nifty collectable and retro items for sale. Click on the "store hours", to go to a page with a catalog. Their catalog is divided into sub-categories for vintage and retro items.

September 20, 2007

Baby Boomer Memories

Much nostalgia and information for the baby boomers among you. From 1950's to 1970's.

Classic Movie Kids

I don't know how complete this site is, but there are really plenty of names from the old classic movie days. Unfortunately, even though there are many pictures, there isn't much info about these young actors and the actresses themselves. There is also a section about young singers. The Nelson Twins are in that section, in case you are wondering.. This nice site is worth a visit.

Atari Museum

Remember those Atari high days from the 1970's - 1980's? What about Pac Man and Pong? The Star Wars games, and the car races "booths"? I don't know if you can still find a Pac Man game at the video arcades, but you can find it on the internet. But it's nothing like experiencing the real thing. ;-)

September 19, 2007


Hello Readers,
My blog is a mess right now. I am making some changes and updating the posts. Hopefully, I'll finish tonight. So, please excuse my messy blog...

The Linkster.

Leifpeng Vintage Ads Sets

Well, I am not sure who Leifpeng is. This Flickr user has many amazing photo sets of vintage/retro illustrations of ads such as cars and beverages. There are also ads in a storybook style, album covers, tv art and a bit more. In addition to all of this, there is a whole batch of other illustrators' sets.

Life in the 50's

As you can tell, this site is about the 1950's culture (and a bit of the 60's too)

September 18, 2007

Platform Shoes Since the 70's? Think Again!

Remember those platform shoes from the 1970's? Did you know that the platform shoes actually go far back to the 15th Century?! Heck, check out the horrendous ones from the 1600's.

Old Modern Mechanix Magazines

I don't know how to describe this one. There is so much info about the past in so many topics. Mainly through their ads. It could take hours to browse through. It's really fun if you like advertising and nostalgia. These magazines go as far back to the 1920's..

Don't forget to check the "cover" section. It's pretty cool.

Don't Panic!

In the 1950's the government wanted the civilians to be prepared in case of a nuclear event. To reduce a mass hysteria in such an event, the government sponsored this quiz on August 21, 1953 in a magazine called Collier's.

September 17, 2007

Predictions... predictions...

It's amazing how many of these predictions actually happened. One of my favorite prediction is #11 in which the author says that the mosquitoes, flies, and roaches will have been pretty much exterminated. Gee, I wish! No more repellents and window screens! No more flies partying on my food.

You'll find many odd road attractions to stop by and visit. Such as the Kool-Aid Museum in Nebraska. How about the world's largest tire in Allen Park, Michigan or the Tree Caricatures in Blanca, Colorado?

*Note: You might want to start with the "what's new" section.

Another wonderful gallery of space-age art in Flickr.

September 16, 2007

Advertising Icon Museum

This museum is located in Kansas City and will be opened in 2008. You can see many familiar toys on their site, such as Bert and Harry Piel, Sprout Green Giant, Mr. Bubbles, Frankenberry, Squirt, Mr. Zip, Fred Fossil and many more old and present toys.

It appears that this site is "at work"

Another trip to the cereal world. Old cereal boxes designs are fun, aren't they? I really love the way Tony Tiger was back then.

Like Scrappy, this site is also designed in (moslty) black and white, true to the original Popeye cartoon. Did you know that Popeye was born in 1929?! According to the site he was even more popular than Mickey in mid-1930's.


*As you may have noticed the September 13, 2007 post disappeared by accident, I had a partial copy of it, but with only two links. I do not remember what the third link was. I'd love it if anyone happen to know what it was. If you do, please shoot me an email or a comment. Thanks.

One of my favorite places to visit is Flickr. It's a site where you can post photos. Sort of like a MySpace concept. If you can find pretty cool stuff there. The following flickr link has images from a book called "Krazy Kids". I have the book myself and I love it. So if you like these things as well, I recommend buying the book.

Krazy Kids

There is plenty of info about events that happened since the 1950's to present. It a nice site, but the navigation is a bit odd. I am a Mac user and use both Safari and Mozilla Firefox. In Safari, if you'll click on one of the dates on this site, it'll lead you to another page. In Firefox, a PDF (an Acrobat file) pop up will ask you if you would like to download the document.

Mr. Pop Culture