April 12, 2008

Another Where's The Beef?

Here is the third Where's The Beef? Commercial. Another favorite of mine. She just cracks me up.


Where's The Beef, Again?

This is probably one of the most famous memorable Wendy commercial ever! This is from 1984. I posted it here because I just love it, even though I do not eat meat. I am never tired of watching it again. I guess it's just Clara asking "where's the beef" phrase, that always makes me smile every time. She is so funny. I remember how big this phrase was at the time. I know that lots of other people remember this one very well too. Who can forget a sweet lady like Clara?!


April 11, 2008

Spage Age German Style

So.. this site is in German. They do have an English version for the introduction, but the rest of the site is in German only. If you do want to view it in English, I recommend you can use the Google Translator engine so I added the link for the Google Translate page down below for you. Just put the link in the "translate a web page" field (scroll down to the bottom). There are also other translators on the web.

But I'm sure you can figure out your way around the site, if you don't know German (or too lazy to use the translation tool like me). There are pretty impressive futuristic illustrations from the German artists. According to the site's moderators, the illustrations are from the German science & technology publications and also science fiction.

The site features the following artists: Klaus Bürgle, Erik Theodor Lässig, Kurt Röschl, Eberhard Binder-Staßfurt and H.u.B. von Römer. These artists are awesome!

By the way, I'm not sure who illustrated the wonderful image above. But I can see it was illustrated in 1966, and that the setting is in a futuristic Detroit car factory (check the huge tire in the background).

Retro Futurismus

Google Translation

April 10, 2008

Media And Ads

Even though there are tons of photos of directors and stars of the past and present, I posted only these two links for the following pages.It is because they are more related to the theme of my blog (and I felt they were more interesting. ;-)) These two pages contain vintage television, movie, and magazine ads. The navigation might be a bit confusing for some people at first, but it shouldn't take long to figure it out.

Scott Mark's Emulsion Compulsion


April 9, 2008

Just A Bubblegum Card

I can't seem to recall any of these cards. It is not an extensive site, but I still enjoyed looking through it. Hope you do too.

Bubblegum Cards

Flickr - ronsrandomstuff's Sets

ronsrandomstuff has cool and fun ollectibles here and there.


April 8, 2008

The Other Side Is Not Always Greener

Let's see how I shall describe this blog. Hmm... Well, it's basically to make us more aware of our environment, and to keep us safe and healthy. I don't usually post these kind of sites, but I really liked it thought it would be nice to share with those who have not seen it.

Green Daily

A Mars Exploration In 2015

I enjoyed this interactive site about Mars in the year of 2015. You can explore both the exterior and interior of the base and the planet itself. It is all animated. Use your mouse to roll over and to click to move elsewhere.

Explore Mars Now


April 7, 2008

Slide the Slide

I was very surprised when I came upon this website. I was even more surprised to learn that there is a Slide Rule Convention (it took place last month). Anyhow, there are really old ones here, and also slides from other countries. I don't see a whole lot of dates here. There is a mention of the inventor though. His name was William Oughtred (1574 - 1660). He invented the slide rule around 1632. Interesting thing though, is that I saw in other sites that he was born in 1575. Regarding the invention, other sites state that it was either Edmund Gunther who invented the slide, or that they both invented it.

The rule slides also include the circulars and the rotary (I'd love to see one in person!) I'd like to mention this site has a lot of mathematical info. So for us who are mathematically challenged, it'll probably take only a few minutes to browse through. Grin.

The Slide Rule Museum

I got the additional info regarding William Oughtred and Edmund Guntherfrom:

The Robinson Library

The Slide Rule

April 6, 2008

Knit & Stitch

For you kitschy lovers, this little site brings you a sprinkle of nostalgia which include strange knitted items, and vintage clothes. It's amazing that people actually wore these stuff. But I guess, you just "go with the flow"..

The second link is from the same site, but it's the museum section.

Have fun!

Kitschy Mc Yarnpants

The Museum of Kitschy Stitches

Flickr - lala a gogo's Sets

lala a gogo has a bunch of sets of various vintage themes. If you like Blythe, lala a gogo has tons of photos.

Gee, I keep getting these weird feeling that I've posted this before, but I don't see this anywhere. It feels like a deja vu to me.

lala a gogo

Check her blog at: