February 20, 2010

Fun With A Design Magazine

I love this site. I'm sure lots of designers know about this site. If you have never seen it, it's worth a shot. They have posts with images for graphic design, typography, best book covers, web designers, widgets, mistakes in logo design, good articles, etc.

Smashing Magazine

February 17, 2010

Flickr - Christian Montone's Vintage Sets

Another great Flickr collection of vintage sets. A few examples of sets are, advertising albums, vinyl vault, book covers, food & drink, crayons and paints, stickers, cinerama & television, toys, game, cans, bottles and more.

Flickr - Christian Montone

Dear Maid, Please Do Not Disturb

It seems that I missed the train again. This is a blog run by a person named Michael Lebowitz. There is a post from Aug 2008 about his grandfather who passed away the year before. His grandfather was in the foreign service. During his travels around the world, he collected hotel door hangers. He had a nice old vintage collection. I envy some of these awesome door hangers. There are 55 of them! Few are creative and funny.

Michael Lebowitz - "Hotel Door Hangers Collected By My Grandfather"


February 15, 2010

The Black Knights Of The Middle Ages.

I never knew that there were black knights during the middle ages. I was very surprised. They were actually called Moors. The most famous Moor was a knight named Sir Morien who was refer to as"the Moor". He was one of the best and finest knight.

Sir Morien Black Knight Of The European Middle Ages


I am having a very difficult time finding more information about Sir Morien, and other black knights. I wish I could find more information because I think it's important to learn about them. This isn't a subject that I learned in grade school or college. I think it would be good to add it to history classes. It intrigued me since I had never been aware of this great knight who was one of the best knights ever in the fictional Arthurian era.

I came upon this site called "Blackpresence" which I am not familiar with. But it looks pretty good and I do like it a lot. It has more information about the black knights of the middle ages. There is a page titled "Black knights in Europe". This is really the most that I could find about these knights besides Sir Morien.

The statue above is of St. Maurice.

Blackpresence - Black Knights In Europe

February 14, 2010

The Most Grandest Medieval Castles In The World!

It's a good place to check out castle, if you wish to know more about castles or visit them. There is a list of the top 100 medieval castles in the world. The castles have general statistics. I'd say that the most important statistics are the country, era, founder of the castle, region, castle type and condition. There are a lot of pictures and postcards of beautiful and marvelous castles. I have visited some of them myself, and they definitely look different in person. Some of them are much grander than in the pictures. To tell you the truth, some of the castles that I've visited weren't easy to tour inside, because of the steep steps, but it was worth it.

The castles above from bottom to top are:

1) Krak des Chevaliers (Kalat el Hösn), Homs, Syria
2) Kasteel Medemblik (Radboud), Medemblik, Netherlands
3) Slot Loevestein, Woudrichem, Netherlands
4) Muiderslot, Muiden, Netherlands

Top Castles