November 17, 2007

The Future In The News

As you can tell from the name of this small site, there are future news articles from the years 2020 - 2050. Some of these predictions actually make sense when you think about it. At least the ones from 2020. One prediction that I liked was the one titled "Can Paralyzed Walk in the Future?" from the year 2035.

News of Future

The Toaster is Hot!

Hey, this site is a "toasting" fun! It features a museum, vintage ads, FAQ, and other stuff. Lots of info. The articles section is great. Even though I really like this site, I wish that they had an archive for the vintage ads. They only show two ads per month or so..

Toaster Museum

Follow That Map (If You Can)

Just what the title says... a whole pile of strange maps. You wouldn't believe what's out there.

Strange Maps

November 16, 2007

Plan 59 (Not Plan 9)

Plan 59 is the name of this virtual museum with many mid-century illustrations in 18 different categories. There is also a shop. Pretty cool and entertaining.

Plan 59 Museum

The Hiroshima Museum

Warning: This site is may depressed you, but since it occurred during those retro decades, I decided to put it up. Not to mention that it has valuable information from the Japaneses' point of view. It's full of pictures and children's drawings (as the one above) of the aftermath, mostly related to the impact it made on the Japanese culture and families.

Hiroshima Museum


The Internet Hanna-Barbara Fashion Database. From the site: " offers representation listings for over 44,000 people and contact details for over 8,800 companies." Good Source for cartoons, unfortunately, there is some profanity (for example, the Apache Chief page).


November 15, 2007

Mr.Magoo and the Stag Beer

A long commercial of Mr. Magoo pushing for Stag Beer. Do you recognize the voice? That's Jim Backus, who played Thurston J. Howell III on "Gilligan's Island".
Update 1/4/10: video removed by user.

Who is David Szondy?

David Szondy is a freelance writer with a sense of humor. He has pretty cool stuff on his blog. Like black and white pictures with funny captions under neat them, Pulp Fiction, Science Fiction magazine covers and some odd stuff. Be aware though, the text is white over black background.

David Szondy

The Alphaville

I used to live in NYC for a little while, and one of my favorite places was this little store called Alphaville. It has been a few years since. At the time they didn't have a website yet. But going to the store in person is more entertaining. They didn't have a whole lots of stuff, but I still enjoyed looking at all those little treasures. The space age items and the trinkets were the best. It probably has changed since I last went there, but I bet it's still worth a visit. So if you are in NYC I recommend you to check it out.


November 14, 2007

Get On My Vespa

An interesting collection of scooter ephemera from "culturesponge". Plenty of vintage.

Flickr: culturesponge's Vespa:

Billboard Ads

Wow, here is something that you don't see every day (especially if it was before your time), vintage billboard ads. I've only seen old billboard ads in the movies. It's cool to view them right in front of you. I, in particular, really liked the "Signal Gas" ads. Great illustrations. Many of these ads are so much better than the present ads. They don't make good ads like these anymore. All these ads are for sale (very expensive!). I don't know anything about this store, so I can't vouch for it. But the site is fun to look at.

Billboard Ads Of The Past

The Yo-Yo

Ahh.. it has been such a long time since I played with a yo-yo. It is not known when this toy's introduction took place, but it is known that they already existed in Greece around 400-500 BC. If you look into the history pages, you'll notice right away how different these yo-yos were. There is also a page about this history of the Spin Top. There is a yo-yo search engine too.

Museum of Yo-Yo History

Update: 3/28/08: Link is expired.
Update 1/3/10: link is back!

November 13, 2007

A Trip To The 1939 World's Fair

One of the things that fascinate me, are the 1939 and 1964 World's Fairs. Maybe that's why I like the Twilight Zone episode. "The Odyssey of Flight 33" (1961) about the airplane that got stuck in the past. In that episode they can see the actual 1939's World's Fair from the cockpit's window.

I saw several YouTube videos of the 1939 World's Fair. However, they were all in a bad quality and way too long. I stopped watching after a while. Anyhow, if I remember correctly, the Fair's clip from the "Twilight Zone" is that same as in the YouTube video (I could be remembering this wrong of course).

1939 New York World's Fairh
Update: March 28 2008 - Link is no longer valid.

Have A Breakfast With Popeye

I enjoy watching video clips with cartoon characters pushing products. I've compiled a few of these for future posts. In this one Popeye does a 1960's Start Orange Drink commercial.

Tell Me The Name Of Your Country

Have you ever wondered what other countries' original names are? Did you know that Fiji is Viji? Unfortunately, Wikipedia does not tell you how to pronounce the names. You have to figure out that one on your own.

List of countries by native names

November 12, 2007

Check Out This Antique Toy

It's pretty cool. There are pictures of really old toys in this toy museum page. Nicely organized. This is from (at least that what I gathered), so I don't know why the url for this page is different.

Antique Toy Library

The main page:

Antique Toys

Light Up The Museum

Hey, there are so many flashlights out there, and in different categories. Whoa! I've never realized that there were so many of them out there. I mean, you have the basic ones.. like bikes, booklight, pocket light, flip lights..... then you have really old vintage ones that have no other version. These flashlights go far back to the beginning of the 20th century, although, I did see at least one from the 19th century. There are a lot, that I didn't get to see every single flashlight, but I saw plenty. Some are quite interesting. The old ones look pretty heavy, I'd say.

Flashlight Museum

Stamps With A Tale

From the Scouts site, Disney stamps from other countries. Disney issued them in 1979. It was specifically issued as a multi-country sets.

Disney Cartoon Scout Stamps

This store has 853 results for Disney stamps. Their stamps are both vintage and current, as well foreign. They have a search box if you don't want to go through 853 Disney stamps... This store isn't exclusively about Disney, but they sure have ton of stamps to look at.

Cool Stamps

November 11, 2007

Live In an Urban Style

This blogger has really great and cool items. I love this blog. I had to chuckle when I saw the post about the Lego "remake" link, about the famous "Lunch Atop A Skyscraper" photo. It shows the actual version and the Lego's version. There is a third image too (in Urban blog, scroll down almost all the way to the end to see it)

Urban Retro Lifestyle
Update 1/3/10: site on hold since July 10, 2009.

I Want These Snickers!

Vintage Nike Ads straight out from Nike's website. Looking back in time, they seem so basic.

Nike Vintage Ads

Learn the Secrets of the Daleks

This site is exclusively all about the Dalek, Dr. Who's mortal enemy. There is a library and manuals. Get a manual to learn how to build one here. There is even a Dalek Autopsy page.

Project Dalek