April 10, 2009

Blog - The Cartoonist

The Cartoonist is a blog with a lot of cool posts with interesting stuff.His blog is so different than mine. He describes his site: "Links and Things from a Cartoonist, Advertising Agent and Space Explorer."

I just realized (April 11, 2009) that I forgot to add the link! I wish someone would have alerted this to me.

The Cartoonist

April 9, 2009

Cold War Museum

* Note: This site is very "textual". It's mostly text. There are photos of mostly war airplane and ships.

This is a real museum located in Lorton , Virginia. The Cold War Museum is as you can see from the name, is all about the things that are related to that era. There is a time line that starts in the 1940's 's. There are relatively extended online exhibits which which I strongly recommend to take a look at if you like to read. Since the Cold War was between Russia/Soviet Union and the US, this site covers both countries. The exhibitions covers Berlin wall as well. Cuba Missile Crisis, Space Race and basically wars all around the world, even the Six Say war and more.. There is even a small section for Cold War Artwork. So, there are wide spectrum of this museum.

Those who are interested in Cold War era might find this pretty helpful, There is a lots information about aviation. I was just a kid back then (during the 70's), but I remember hearing these words a lot "Cold War". I didn't understand at the time what it really means, But years later, after watching movies like War Games, it struck me how serious it is. I am glad it didn't become a reality. I think this is a great site. This site is quite updated. If you are writing an essay, you'll have plenty to read. it is heavy with text. There aren't many photos, except for aviation, war ships and missiles (probably because this is an online exhibition). I'm guessing there are more at the location itself. Also, don't forget to check out the Man Gallery video under "Museum".

They have TONS of links. It would take me forever to look at each link! They have links for Media, Cold War Info and Veteran's links, Commercial Links, Episonage Information and Organizations, Government Links, Museum and Memorials, and Misc Links. You can choose whichever topic you want. I of course liked the Museum links. Since I have not checked them all, I can't verify if these links are good. i got some expired ones. I don't think this section is very updated I guess. It's such as shame that now the developing countries have not learned from the Cold War ,mistakes.

OK. enough talking..

Cold War Museum

April 8, 2009

Living In The Ocean As A Fish And..

The photograph was taken by David Hall. Check his other photographs in his site at SeaPhotos.com

It may be boring for some of you, who aren't into oceans. I am no expert, but I find it rather intriguing and educational as well fun for both young and old a like. I learned some fun fact along with serious ones. As a starting page, I chose this one, because I thought it was entertaining one to start with. It has a handful of interesting trivia. Did you know that Antarctica has same amount of ice as much the Atlantic Ocean's water? Incredible! Did you know that Jacques Mayol had the deepest free dive of 86m (282.15 ft) without any equipments? I'd be scared to watch (although I didn't have problem watching Tarzan doing the same thing). Did you know that the swordfish and the marlin can reach speed up to 121 kph (I think it's 75.19 mph. Not sure because the ocean uses knots), with quick bursts, These two are the fastest fish in the ocean. this site has practically anything you need to know. There is even a page called Ocean Mysteries. For example, one is about the sea monsters existence.

There are really lots of topics going on in this site, This site belongs to Marine Bio, a non- profit group. I have been truly impressed by the amount and the knowledge that the volunteers have contribute for us to learn. I also enjoyed looking at the pictures and some of the videos.

Here is part of their self introduction:

"MarineBio began in 1998 as an evolving online tribute to ocean life and an introduction to marine biology and marine conservation. MarineBio is a nonprofit organization staffed by volunteer marine biologists, students, professors, and conservation advocates working to share the wonders of the ocean realm inspiring marine science education, research, and a sea ethic."

Marine Bio

April 7, 2009

Baseball Memorabilia To Go

I think I might have posted this before? Key Man Collectible concentrates mostly on Vintage Baseball cards. It has a lot of memorabilia. Some are Advertising, Autographs, Baseball Bats, Bobble head, Pennants, Plates, and a lot more. You can buy from this site. They have some pretty old stuff, like from the 1940's.. One of the best thing is that they have a Mickey Mantle Memorabilia. When I was little I was a big fan of the Yankees. They were the best during the 70's (before they got worse). But now I hardly watching baseball. But I think it's fun just looking through this site even if you don't watch baseball anymore.

Key Man Collectibles

April 6, 2009

Oh Wolfgang,,,, I remember this ticket from Woodstock!

The Wolfgang's Vault site has vintage rock tickets. The site itself is about tickets. It's pretty cool, but boy I can't believe how much some of the worth. There is a Woodstock ticket for Joan Baez that is worth $2,325!! Phew! Most of the tickets are much cheaper. The tickets go as far back to pre 1960'a to pre 2000 tickets. In addition to the tickets there are also other things that you can buy here, like posters, photography and apparel.All these musicians are from Woodstock I think. I am not sure. So lots of stuff to look at.

Wolfgang's Vault

April 5, 2009

Blog - For the First Time (or the last time)

This is a great blog, "For the First Time (or the last time)". There is great deal to learn from this blog. There were a few articles that I enjoyed reading. There are articles such as "1984: First college dunk shot by a woman", "1978:" First erso n born in Antarctica", "2094:"First person born on the moon" (!!!), "2002:First PC Program for US students", "2003: last flight of the Concorde." "and "1931" First Electric Guitar".

Maybe I should have moved to Utah. It's the first state to switch to 4 day work week in August.

It's nice learning all these new things about "firsts" and "lasts". Did you know that Prior to the official name of "White House" it was officially called "Executive Mansion" until President Theodor Roosevelt had the words "White House-Washington" engraved on the stationary in 1901? This is a favorite fact of mine.

Before it was called The White House, people also referred to it as "President's Palace", "Presidential Mansion", or "President's House". This "House" has a lot of rich history, There was a fire and it had to rebuilt additional rooms were added and more. The blogger posted this on Jan 15, 2009.

Anyhow, check out this blog!

Blog - For the First Time (or the last time)