November 12, 2008

To Post Or Not. Maybe Donate?

Dear Readers,

I am not going to be posting much due to the death of my dog, exactly three weeks ago. I go day by day. It is a traumatic time for me so it's difficult for me to be motivated. I mentioned in a previous post that he was killed by a pitbull which I witnessed. Since I don't know what the future of my blog will be, it is possible that I'll quit. On the other hand, I might get my desire to blog again in the near future.

The good new is that I will be getting a new service dog next year, and may be even foster and train one until it graduate the hearing dog program. With the new dog in my life are sure will change for the better, but no dog will replace my dear Bodie. He was a charmer and stole the heart of many people.

Now there is a new program that just started (the old program was at the SFSPCA which terminated them in May) and runs privately. Since the new program was just established, they don't have any dogs to train yet. But the dogs are coming over very soon for their training. The program has some money and they will do fundraising. So, if you are interested in donating, please read the following information at the end of this post, that I received from the program about the donating methods.

Your donation will help many deaf people who rely on these dogs to let them know when the phone rings, when someone knock or bell ring at the door, a fire, when the alarm clock off (useful when your alarm doesn't wake you up). When at timer goes off at the kitchen. You can even teach the dog to know your name, when other people ask the dog where you are!

If you are interested in donating to the HDP (Hearing Dog Program) in Memory of Bodie, or just want to donate (I'd love it if you donate, even if it's not in memory of Bodie). Bodie was trained as a hearing dog with that program. Any service dog can do wonder for many people in need, and Bodie was one of them.

Thank you!
Daphna - The Linkster

The Hearing Dog Program
2912 Diamond Street, Suite #221
San Francisco, CA 94131-3208
415.286.3925 (mobile)

Please have the checks payable to "The Hearing Dog Program" and then write in the memo space either your name or "In memory of Bodie." Right now, we can only take checks or money orders. We hope to have online donations available soon, though.

November 10, 2008

World of Mailboxes

I have been searching for a new mailbox that is shaped as a house (mine is falling apart) to buy when I came across these sites.

Sam's Mailbox Pictures Collection

I originally was searching this site to buy a new mailbox They have nice ones for sale if you are interested. They are too elaborated for me though.

The Mailbox Ranch