March 13, 2009

I Forgot the Cactus One

I forgot to add this one to my previous post. Pretty cool and creepy at the same time, eh?

Just Pure and Lovely blog

What Was Your Pacifier Called?

Speaking of pacifiers, check out these 131 names for the pacifier... I never cared for this, but after reading the names list I thought some of the words were creative indeed. You wouldn't believe some of these names!

Baby Center - 131 pet names for pacifier

I'm taking a break from the pacifiers, lol. I see enough of it when I visit my sisters babies.

A Boney Pacifier

I just got Photoshop PS4 and I am still struggling with it. Takes me a long time to figure things out. It's very different from the older version that I Previously had (CS).. I finally finish the image for this post! Whew! Below is the url list for each image. The list start from the top left with the frog.

My sister has a baby, and I started to think about Pacifiers. I noticed on the web some weird ones. So thought I'd look at some and post them. There are more than the 9 I posted... There were a few that were obscene. I am not gonna describe them. You can use your imagination, ;-)

Wabbanub Pacifiers (frog)


AlwaysClean Self-Closing Pacifier

A lot 0 Tots - No comment

3 Carat White Diamond Pacifier

Thermo pacifier

Redneck Pacifier

Skull Pacifier

Rainbow Brite Pacifier

My favorite is the "no comment" one.

March 12, 2009

blog - Old Picture Of The Day

"Old Picture of the Day" is a blog that concentrates on photography of the US early history. I browsed through the photographs and there are some that are quite interesting. According to the blogger: Each day we bring you one stunning of history of a historical photograph".

I think that for those who enjoy historical photography, that they'll find this site interesting. Note that some pictures from the Depression area and the war are depressing. However, there is a list on the left, so you can just skip those that might make you feel depressed. As a matter of fact, lots of pictures carry those themes early in this blog. Then the subjects have more themes some with technology of the 30's.

There are so many photos I am only in the "July 5" page. I don't know how many pages there are, but I liked many pictures.

BTW, if you haven't recognized the man under the beauties photographs yet, it is Mark Twain.

Old Picture of the day

March 10, 2009

Teenarama: The Amazing Dance Party

Here is a summary of this incredible story for those days. The Teenarama Story started in Washington DC at a time when the teen television dance shows, such as the American Bandstand, were shown in urban communities across the US. The Teenarana dance party was narrated by Martha Reeves. What is very special about this show is that it was precursor to the show Soul Train (as many people believe) it was part of the popular dance shows in 1950's and the 1960's. The first time the "Dance Party: The Teenarama Story made it broadcast premier on the Howard University's WHUT. The nation first Africa American was own by WHUT .

During those days the dance shows like American Bandstand were very popular on TV. But it was also a time full of social injustice in the US was very strong, so the African American dance show didn't have the same privileges as the other counterparts did. So their access was very limited.

But in 1963 - 1970 an African American teen TV program in Washington, DC was born via a radio show live. A big moment! "The Teenarama Dance Party". It became very popular and a big hit. The show was hosted by Bob King was and on WOOK-TV. After Bob King was done with hosting the show, there were other famous hosts.

At the show itself had the latest dance craze and had famous performers guests such as James Brown, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Aretha Franklin, The Supremes and more.

What an amazing story considering the era at that time.

Dance Party: Teenarama Story

March 9, 2009

Do You Recycle?

Occasionally, I wonder what the recycle rules and symbols in other countries are. Here in California, we are the leader of the recycle industry in this country.There is a lot of awareness here. So I am exposed a lot to recycle here all the time. It's interesting how in some other states in the US, the recycling isn't very well developed yet but it's getting better. I once was in Portland, Oregon to visit a friend who lives in a modern high rise building. They did not have any recycle bins. At the time I have not seen many recycle bins in Portland anyway.

This site has quite a few interesting images, although the one with the one from Germany (above) with the black and white face was kinda "scary" and interesting at the same time. :-) I wonder if this "fella" has a hold in its' head (sarcasm)

I confess that as soon as I saw the pictures I was attracted to the site immediately. Good way to grab the attention of people who look for information about recycling (I was looking for photos around the world). There is good information here. This is supposed to be an educational site. I would have love to see this site grows with additional images. Even in the US we have different type of recycle bins. In my town the bins are actually flap-less green crates (the kind that you put fruits and veggies inside), so if it's raining all the paper products get wet. Other people have tall paper bins with flaps... there are different recycle rules for each city as well.

Planet Pals - The World Recycles Project