December 1, 2007

A Memory Trip To the Lab

Another site about nostalgia. The categories are cartoons, tv shows, movies, lunch boxes, fashion, music, toys and arcade games. There is a synopsis for each item about the history of the subject. They go back the last few decades. This site is also a store. I believe they do sell vintage items. They have a good amount of items, so it's fun to look through. They don't have many images in the cartoon section though, but the synopsis are still there.

Memory Lab

November 30, 2007

Smurfs Everywhere

Are you a Smurf fan? This is the site for you then. Everything about Smurfs collectibles. Old and new.

Blue Buddies

November 29, 2007

The Good Housewife - Unreal?

Well, you may already know all about this... or maybe not.

On September 12, 2007, I published a link for "How To Be A Good Housewife".

But a while ago, I found out that the text might not be true (I don't recall where I originally read that). It isn't clear if it's real or a hoax.

Either way, that text is entertaining.

I went to Snopes to check the facts. As a matter of fact, it is my favorite site for checking out chain letters, hoaxes and scams. I've been using this site for years.


An Owner, A Dog and A Chiropractor

I've heard of animal chiropractors, but have not seen them in action. It was interesting to watch. Not what I expected though. I've experienced the adjustor (the tool the chiropractor is using) myself, and can tell you that it doesn't hurt (except if it's used on your head). But it was strange to see it used on a dog. He seems to like it though. :-)

*Update: March 28 2008 - This video is no longer on YouTube (bummer!)

November 28, 2007

Jive Time

As you can tell, this site is about the sixties. I think they pretty much cover most everything that is "sixties", There are articles and images also. They focus quite a bit about the music.

Sixties City

November 26, 2007

Asian Records Nostalgia

This is a collector site of Asian records covers from the 60's and the 70's. The collector, David Greenfield, focuses mainly on Singaporean records. But there are also records from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand. There is a link for his MySpace webpage where you can see more of his stuff.

60's & 70's Asian Pop Record Covers

David Greenfield MySpace


A sweet Rice Krispies commercial. These little elves are just too adorable!

November 25, 2007