October 10, 2008

Watch Out, Vincent! Here Comes the B Monster!

The Astounding B Monster features actors and actresses who starred in scary B movies like Marie Windsor and John Kerr. You can read articles, interviews and the newsletters. You can find the list of the scary movies that these actors played at. There are well known actors that I didn't know played in B movies, like James Arness (who played the sheriff in Gunsmoke). There are also interesting interviews like the one with Victoria Price, the daughter of Vincent Price.

I wish they hadn't stopped posting on their site. Last time it was updated was in January 2006. What a bummer! They do have a book though, that you can buy at Amazon.

Click on the main image to enter the site. The images at the top of my post were partially clipped, I just couldn't screen the entire layout. By the way, if you keep refreshing the B Monster homepage, you'll get a different image each time. They are not in a specific order, so it takes awhile to see them all, but it's fun.

The Astounding B Monster

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