June 20, 2009

eBay - djekingdom

This eBay store belongs to a seller from Malaysia. You'll find tons of patches here (among other things). I have never seen so many categories of patches. It got practically almost every category out there. There are total of 3397 patches. That is a total of 113 pages of patches. Fortunately, you can just choose your preferred category from the subcategories. There are a lot of patches that I've never even heard of. Besides the Patch category, the others are Bank Note, Air Sickness Bag, Playing Card, Stamp, Necktie and "Other".

eBay - djekingdom

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June 19, 2009

What's In Your Backyard?

Here is a nature search engine plus more, like "ask an expert" questions relevant to nature, park guides, fun & game, park of the day and so on. The site tells you that you can search more than 5,500 species! This site is awesome (in my opinion anyway). I am not a nature expert, so for someone like me, this is a pretty good place to go to expand the knowledge about our environment.

The photograph above is of a common map turtle. It was photographed by Allen Blake Sheldon


Introducing Shelby

Back in October 2008, I posted about the killing of my service dog, Bodie, in a dog park by a Pitbull. A month ago I finally got a new service dog small black lab who is 15 months old now. She is still in training, so she is not officially yet classified as a fully service dog. She is "a service dog in training". She going to get her blue training vest soon! Then she'll be able to go inside public places where dogs normally aren't allowed to be at. I hope to post a picture of her once she gets the vest.

I want to show a picture of Shelby at the park looking at a rare Yellow Swallowtail butterfly. She was at first following its' shadow on the grass before realizing that there is a butterfly hovering above us so low that I could almost catch it. You can see how close the butterfly is. I'm surprised it didn't land on her nose. ;-) Maybe in a Disney movie it would have, grin. It was fascinating to watch her sitting there following the shadow with her eyes and turning her head while doing so. I don't know why Shelby's mouth is open, but she wasn't trying to catch it. I don't think she ever seen a fly before. I've never seen this butterfly myself. It was very pretty.

June 17, 2009

What A House!

This is actually an article from "The Daily Green" blog which is related to "the green revolution". The article has as it says, photos of "11 Homes Made Out of the Darndest Things, from Treehouses to Missile Silos". There is even a Thai temple made of beer bottles. Can't say that I'd want to go inside. I'd for sure won't go inside if that structure here in California. I don't wanna be inside during an earthquake. I know what they are like. (BTW, for those who visit California, you supposed to hide under a table/desk, not stand at the door during an earthquake ;-)

My favorite habitat though is the green house. I'd probably would have to make sure I don't get bugs in the house. Grin. If you click on the "treehouse" link at that tree house article, you'll find yourself being transported to another cool site with more neat tree houses. Well, The rest of this green blog is interesting too. Especially if you are a "green environment" person. It's not only about houses, there are cool stuff too, that could interested anybody like the "Green Products from A to Z" where they have everyday items such as bikes, pillows, paint etc with reviews.

As for houses, I think I'll skip staying with Oscar. I don't think I'd fit inside anyway (this reminds me, when is Dr. Who is coming back??).

The Daily Green - 11 Homes Made Out of the Darndest Things.

A shorter link if the one above does not work:

The Daily Green.

June 15, 2009

So... not much to say...

Hi Readers,

I apologize for not posting for the last few days. I couldn't think of anything to post, and have a few thing going on anyway. Also training my new service dog (a small black lab) is wearing me out. I'm a horrible trainer, sometimes I have no idea what I am doing. She threw up twice while I was training her (on the floor and the carpet. Not on me!). Ugh.

To train a service dog is not the same as training a regular dog. You have to train the dog special commands depending on the type of service the dog it). I basically have to teach her to alert me to sounds that include phone, bell, door knock, and fire/smoke alarm. The trainings take a few months to learn.

I still can't get her to learn how to alert me that she has to go to the bathroom like when I watch tv, or resting. I hope she'll eventually do. It would be nice.

I'm doing my best to bond with my new dog. But it's hard. It takes one day at a time. It's not easy after losing your dog in a tragic way (it has been almost 8 months since Bodie passed away). He was my best friend and my pal. My bond and feeling for him are still very strong as ever.

She is only 15 months. Still a puppy. She really is sweet, just needs a lot of work with commands and to learn how to behave around babies and little children. She also need a fresh and nice bath! Best thing thing I like about her is how she greets me in the morning. I also enjoy watching her playing with her friends. She four playmate. Good way for her to stay healthy and fit while running around. Two of them are also black labs, so it's kinda cool.

Hopefully, I'll get something to post later today.

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