May 16, 2009

Play An Arcade Game In Russian

I kinda wish there were more photos. This site is Russian. There are several photos of old Soviet video arcade machines. I would not view it at work. One of the readers has a buddy icon improperx for work. I used a translator for this page and it lookx ok. Not everything was translated.

In the there is also an article with pictures of the arcades.

Blata Russian Arcade Games

May 12, 2009

No Post- But New Dog A-Coming.

I have nothing to post today. On Tuesday (today actually) I will finally get the new service dog! Well, actually she is not officially a service dog yet, she is a service dog in training. So I'll be fostering and training her. Hopefully, all will go well and she'll become my hearing dog. So I can't think of anything to post today.

It has been lonely and very sad for me, especially at night, since Bodie passed away tragically in October 22 (there is a post). The house felt empty and missing a company, so now I'll have a company with me every night. I hope we will get along. I have not met her yet. But will meet her in 12 hours and 38 minutes.

Hopefully, I will post a picture of her in a few days!