July 4, 2008

Paint The Fireworks

OK, I know it's not really painting. but couldn't think of a good title..

Did you know that the fireworks were invented in China about 2,000 years ago? Did you know that a monk named Li Tian invented the fire crackers 1,000 years ago?

History of the Fireworks

How are fireworks are colored? Well, it's all bout chemistry ;-) From the "How Stuff Works?" website.

By the way, I found this site helpful in the past. It's an excellent site. I am surprised they changed the layout though, they had a really nice layout previously.

How Fireworks Work

Happy 4th of July!

Did you know that despite the popular belief that Betsy Ross, the seamstress from Philadelphia, was the first person to sew the flag, that there is no actual proof? It's all just a mystery.

History of the American Flag

An interesting data from PBS about the history of the Fourth of July

PBS History of The Forth

One last link shows historical flags, including flags from other countries.

Any Flag

July 3, 2008

Life Of Mr. Peanut

The official site of Mr Peanut Pal. An American icon, that has its own Convention. I had no idea that this little feller has its own special event. Wow! For $20 you can become a member of this club.

Mr Peanut Pal Official Site

Here is Mr. Peanut's origin story from the Food channel. It's a 2 minutes long.Unfortunately there are no captions.


You can also view the timeline history at the Planters official website

Planters Through The Years

July 2, 2008

Fetch Me A Cook Book!

This is pretty cool. There are 20 vintage out-of-print and rare children cookbooks here. Some of these books are even first edition.

Vintage Kid Cookbooks

If you go to the MAIN PAGE, you'll see other excellent vintage non-children cook books, such as the Restaurants and the Advertising Ephemera Cookbooks (I really liked those).

Vintage Cookbooks Home Page

July 1, 2008

blog - D-Listed Decor

This is an interesting blog is titled "D-Listed Decor: Design Within Retch: The worst home furnishing finds on Craiglist". The blog's title says it all. There are some pretty crappy stuff indeed.

D-Listed Decor

Just Another Vintage Toys Store

This is not a huge site, but Vintage Toys does carry nice items.

Vintage Toys

June 30, 2008

Take A Picture

Luminous Lint carry many photographs of almost everything at the online photography exhibitions. There are several ways to browse. You can explore by using the following methods: Date, Geography, Photographer, Technique and Theme. I have not gotten to check every single set (there are many), but I can tell you that one set, the "Jean-Philippe Charbonnier: Psychiatric hospitals" , is a disturbing one.

Luminous Lint

June 29, 2008

What A Cake!

Here are three links for novelty cakes. They are all awesome links. So many amazing designs to look at. I've never seen so many novelty cakes in my life. How do they come up with all these ideas? I know they work with the clients, but still, it's amazing what they can accomplish. That must be a lot of work too! I wonder how long it takes. The cakes above are from the Pink Cake Box site. There are also cupcakes and cookies.

Pink Cake Box

Festival Foods Children's Novelty Cakes

Creative Cakes