June 28, 2008

Sew An Apron

Wow, there are tons of vintage aprons sewing patterns here! Pretty cool. I am not a "sewing" person, but it was fun to see aprons like the ones that were worn in those 1950's tv shows like in "I Love Lucy".

Aprons Vintage Sewing Patterns

Via Collectors' Quest

June 27, 2008

Humpty Dumpty Revisited

Humpty Dumpty has always fascinated me. It's really hard to find any old memorabilia on the web, so I was glad to see this page. This is my second post about him, that's how much I like him ;-) Here is a Humpty collection from "barbiedoll_94531" (webshots). Most of the stuff here are mini statues. I've never really seen much of Humpty Dumpty before. Well, I had a Humpty Dumpty stuffed toy when I was little. It was so cool.

Humpty Dumpty Collection

June 26, 2008

Label The Wine

There are pretty interesting and unusual labels in the following sites. The second site is only for wine labels with animals. I started with the dogs.

Grape Nutz

Critter Wines

June 25, 2008

Blog - Al Wiseman

This is a terrific tribute blog to the late cartoonist Al Wiseman, who was the "ghost" (unknown) cartoonist of "Dennis the Menace" comic book. Really was really a great cartoonist. I don't know why he was not famous. He was so good.

Al Wiseman Blog

Send Your Friend A Telegram

Hmm. I need to brush up my Morse code skills. How much do you know about telegraphs and telegrams? Did you know that you can still send telegrams today? There are telegrams sites on the web. The sites below are great starting points. if you learn. There are also excellent links from the university's site.

Atlantic Cable & Submarine Telegraphy History

The site below if from the Purdue University. It's about the invention of the Telegraph. There are good links provided at the end of the article.

ESCTW- Morse Code & The Telegraph

June 24, 2008

The Big Old School Bus

This is another bus site, but it is different from the one that I pubished a few days ago. There are school busses and transit busses prior to 1965 in display. So these are are older ones. This site is actually about preserving and restoring those busses. It's cool to see how school busses used to look like, after restoring them. These busses are fascinating. Personally, I have never seen busses this old, except in old movies. I've only seen old cars. Check out the galleries. There are pictures of both restored and non restored busses. Some of the busses are strange looking.

Old School Bus

Flickr - ElectraSteph's Big Things Set

ElectraSteph's "Big Things" set. don't know how many "biggies" are displayed (I didn't count) in this set. But, there are many fabulous ones. Check them out at:

ElectraSteph's Big Things set

June 23, 2008

A Visit To The Neon Boneyard

I went to the Las Vegas Neon Boneyard Museum's website, but it's mostly text, not many pictures. So, I've been looking for photos elsewhere. I wish I'd known about it when I went to Vegas several years ago. If you are going to LV, you might want to check it out. They do have tours.

CarlCarl's set

Flickr Pool

Webshots Pool

Stan Cline - An Artist

Stan Cline is a painter from Las Angeles who focuses on nostalgia. The demise of many of the old landmarks in LA inspired Cline to paint them, in order for us to remember these landmarks during their heydays. He paints them on canvas and has a unique style. They seem so delicate. His painting cover 13 areas and a misc section. They include but are not limited to, baseball stadiums, gas stations, amusement park and drives-in.

Stan Cline

June 22, 2008

Wide World Of The Impersonator

Many of you probably have seen pictures of impersonators or saw them live. Elvis seems to be quite the popular choice for the impersonators. This is the official Celebrities Impersonators Convention that just had their 8th annual convention. There is an option for you to search for celebrity impersonator. Just type it in (to get there, click on "international celebrities image" on the bottom).

Celebrities Impersonators Convention

A YouTube video of the convention. Some of these impersonators were almost convincing!