August 15, 2009

Dig Your Magazine

A nice looking and organized blog that has historical photographs of magazines covers. When you click on the image, you'll see short stories from the magazine. that are related to the popular culture at the time. The site describes its goal as "exploring the history & the power of popular culture".

The Pop History Dig

August 14, 2009

Blog - Chair Blog

Wow, I had no idea you can write so much about chairs. There are alot of interesting ones. Many of them are art. There are also chairs designed by famous architectural designer. What is a blog without pictures? My favorite categories are the "chair art", "armhair", "baby chair" (check out the stylish baby lounger), "chair" and the "bench".

Chair Blog

August 13, 2009

Blog - St. Mexican Vintage Ads

A blog in Spanish with Mexican ads. I don't speak nor read Spanish, but I can tell you the ads are interesting and cool. Many of them are American products. I think that some of them are American ads in a Spanish but I am not certain. It's nice to see ads in other languages.

sr. mexicant vintage ads

August 12, 2009

Find Your Survival Kit

An interesting store that carries all kind of survival kits, such as pet, earthquake, pandemic flu and more. A pretty useful site.

August 11, 2009

Smoking Is Bad But The Cards Are Cool

These are cigarette cards from the NYPL Digital Library that date back to the 19th century to early 20's century when the nicotine's harm was not widely known yet. The alphabetical list is huge and is due to the large amount of cards not to mention the number of the themes that are featured. They are so different from each other too. Whoa! Some examples of how different they are: Kings and Queens of England, Kodak, Jockeys, Kensitas Flowers, Indian women, Happy family, Fables of Aesop, Henry and The Inns of Court. I have not seen them all, but so far I really liked the "Famous Building" series. To learn about the history of these cards click on the second or third link below (they are both the same url).

Cigarette Cards

Cigarette Cards Collection History

Or a shorter url:

August 10, 2009

Flickr- Retromod's Vinyl Set

Retromod has three pages of vintage vinyl albums. Some of these sure have bad covers which made more fun to look at.

Flickr Retromod