January 16, 2010

January 15, 2010

A Time Travel Through Michigan In Pictures

This is great. Lots of nostalgic pictures of places in Michigan. For example, bowling allies, movie palaces, motels, gas station, drive ins, tourists traps, Googie, etc. This site is different than other similar sites that I have seen. It's relatively easy to browse through using the categories. You can sense the nostalgia (actually not all are old. For example, the boat racing are from 2004) in the pictures. There are also links, but I have not checked them out.

The titles of the images above are capitalized. The Category in which you can find them are in lower cases. From top to bottom:


2) "TAWAS" - tourist cabins

3) "ST. IGNACE" - Downtown Views

Water Winter Wonderland

January 14, 2010

Blog - My Owl Barn

This is neat, especially if you are hooked on owls. I have not seen many owls in the wild but I have always been fascinated with their ability turn their head. You can see them when you hike in SF Bay Area mountains and the Foothills. Even if you can't see them, you might at least hear them. Maybe it was the owl from Winnie the Pooh that made me like them. I especially like the Snowy Owl. Also called Arctic Owl or the Great White Owl. I think they are beautiful. You can read more about ths species in Wikipedia.

Anyway, for owl lovers here is a good owl blog for ya. There are posts all kind of stuff including owl items like couch pillows, books, and owl themes objects that you can by at Amazon and more.

My Owl Barn

January 12, 2010

Grammar School Alumni Memories From England

I have no particular reason as to why chose to post about the English school "Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School Alumni". It just seems fun to look at the pictures of students from so long ago. It's like a time machine. You see pictures of them in drama and music classes and performances. Then you wonder who these people are or were. Perhaps you wonder if they became parents or grandparents.

As for the images above from top to bottom they are titled with the year included:

"You Never Can Tell" 1950 (the name of the play?)
"Make-up c.1950
"School Orchestra 1933"

Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School Alumni

The school is still active. I have not read much about it, but I did find that out that it's located at Waterfoot, Rossendale. Lancashire, UK. I hope I typed it correctly. I'm not very good with the UK addresses.

Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School


All About Aprons

A site all about aprons. An excerpt from the blogger explains the goal of the site: "make aprons to show and tell! every few months there is a different theme. you make the apron, e-mail me the photo (a jpeg) with your info (like a blog link), and then I will add it to the gallery at the end of the month."

I am not an apron person, but I enjoyed the site. It was fun. I liked the images that had aprons in it. They were entertaining. There are also two apron links at Flickr.

Tie One On