August 1, 2009

Grayson Archery Collection

This should have been part of the previous post. You'll see written information of archery around the world with an image of the archery equipments. The images and the pages are nice looking. Even though this is a serious site, it would have been fun if the Klingon's (from the "Star Trek: The next generation" tv show) "archery" tools were featured here also.

Museum of Anthropology: Grayson Archery Collection

Bull's Eye!

At the Archery History site you'll find various information (ads and photos) pertaining to the tools of archery such as arrow types, quivers, points, broadheads etc. The various type of the arrows reminds me of golf in a way. I've never thought of it till I came across this site. Some other topics are ads from the past, ideas from the past, designers, articles, patents and archers.

Overall, I'd say this site has a lot of archery ads and photographs. Not really much information about the history of the tools, just the title of the ads and the photographs subjects or objects names. I guess you'd have to be familiar with archery to know what and how these tools work and perform in archery. Unfortunately, I am not one of these people. However, as someone who likes ads, I felt they were interesting and educational in a way. I don't normally see archery ads since I am not into hunting (but I do like archery competitions) magazines, so the ads (and the photos of the objects) were pretty new to me. These ads certainly seem to play a major role at the archery site.

They do however have a few articles in form of PDF files. You'll need Acrobat Reader from other magazines (Arrowtrade, Bow & Arrow Hunting, and Bowhunt America). I have not checked them, so I don't know what they are about.

You can also submit photos and advertising.

Archery History

July 31, 2009

Life Lessons At The Museum

The MMW (Making the Modern World) describes itself: "MMW-Online carries a timeline of powerful stories about the world we have made through science and invention. From Stephenson's Rocket locomotive to the Apollo 10 space capsule, from medicine to the machine gun, these stories show how our lives are shaped by the things we make, invent and use."

There are inventions under three categories: Stories Timeline, Icon of Invention and Everyday Life. A forth category is the Learning Modules. It appears that all timelines start in 1750 all the way through 2000.

There is so much to learn about. There sure are many a brief information and some don't for the objects featured'. For example, under Stories Timeline's there are among others, "Second industrial revolution" and the "Age of ambivalence".

Under Icons of Inventions category are subject under Science, Technology and Medicine. 13 pages of inventions are features. Which means there are 6 icons per page. Some examples, the "Silver-plated model of the Forth Bridge, 1882", "Sample of the first synthetic dye, 1856", "Harrison's clock, 1715" & "Genetically engineered mice, 1988".

Under the "Everyday Life" main page, the main categories are the Personal, Home, Work, Leisure, Control and Health. Some of the objects are "Clay Tobacco Pipe 1720-1720", "Rubber Diaphragm, 'Clinocap' 1930 - 1960", "Carton of Araldite epoxy resin adhesive, c.1945", and the "Philips video cassette recorder, type N1502, c.1974".

Two other main category are [online] Guided Tours and the Learning Modules for Biology, History and Psychology.

The images above starting from the top are from: Stories Timeline, Learning Modules, Icons of Invention and at last Everyday Life. The site is part of the Science Museum in London, England

Making The Modern World

Science Museum Address & More

July 30, 2009

You Tube - At The Back Of The Classroom

This is a neat Russian cartoon. I don't know the history behind this cartoon, but I think it's an educational video for elementary school children. The animation style is awesome, and is quite a fast faced one. It's hard to explain what it is about but I'll try.

In the beginning you see a mischievous boy pulling another girl's tail, then they sort of tease each other about their grades. This girl is the smart one and a good student. She tries to teach him math, history, science, astronomy etc, by "dipping inside" the book (or notebook). Once inside she teaches him the facts. He learns and discover new things. There is lot of humor. For example, while inside, she draws with a big pencil, a line to prevent him from crossing over. He laughs. Then she draws the letter "H2O" (water). He's of course is grumpy when water start to fill he space as if it were swimming pool, and his legs become wet. He climbs out over the line where she is. The little boy is not very enthusiastic. He often gets mad and chases her. I won't tell you the end, because it's a bit surprising and entertaining.

It is in Russian with English subtitles. I don't know when it was made. I haven't found any info on the web so far. Bummer. I'm curious about it. But from reading the description it apparently was made no later than the 80's.

At The Back Of The Classroom

July 29, 2009

Blog - BigLorryBlog - All About Trucks

BigLorryBlog is all about trucks, and the like. Trucks include semi, garbage, haul, and a whole lot of transportation trucks that I never heard of, from around the world. Basically the blog describes itself as a "Trucks, vans and more - a diesel-powered miscellany from Brian Weatherley, Will Shiers and others." blog. It's a quite interesting blog. The kind that you'd spend some time with if you like transportation and trucks (or if you are just curious).

BTW, check out the "exotic vehicles" category to see a very strange yellow truck with a scorpion logo. Guess what kind of truck is in front of you. I bet chances are that most of you won't be able to.


July 28, 2009

The Classic Japanese Car Show - October 3

In October 3, 2009 there will be a Japanese Classic Exhibition in Irvine, California (Los Angeles). The official site has all kind of information including a gallery of past exhibitions.

Japanese Classic Car Show

July 27, 2009

eBay - ibethany

This is a great store with five pages of classic and vintage children books. Some of the books are from publishers such as Little Golden Books, Elf Books, Wonder Books, Tell-A-Tales. I just love looking at these. Right now, there are 143 vintage children books for sale including first editions.

eBay - ibethany: In a Nook


July 26, 2009

Hmmm.. A Generic Or A Brand? What Shall It Be?

I've always wondered if there are any other differences between the generic and the brand drugs besides the costs and the "names". After reading this short article from the well known Dr. Gupta, I was surprised that there are indeed some differences between some medications. In the article Dr. Gupta will tell why.

Dr. Gupta: Are Generic Drugs Equal to Brand Name Products?

or if you can't access Dr. Gupta blog use this link:

The image above is from These are customized pill bottles.

Inkhead - Promotional Products