March 19, 2010

What Is Your Local Airport Code?

I don't know how many airport codes exist in the worlds. Probably in the hundreds if not thousands, I haven't got the information although I could probably try to count them. I'm sure it'll take me a while if I included military and small airport codes. Their codes are different.

Ever wonder how the airports even got their codes in first place? Here a bit of history. I haven't seen many good sites with more history of the codes. But if I'll find one I'll post it. This site has pretty good information though. I like it quite a bit. I did see many nice sites with tremendous airport codes on Google. Some have four letter codes. Most of these sites have no history though.

History of Airport Codes

March 18, 2010

YouTube - Epic Slow Motion Dog Food Commercial

It's one of the best pet food ads that I've seen in a long time. I thought it was an amazing footage. It is hilarious and funny. It actually relaxed me a little bit too. I love it!

It was posted on YouTube on March 15. There are other ones from Feb, but not as big as this one. The footage quality is good. I won't spoil it for you with the details, if you haven't seen it yet. These dogs are just so adorable! They are so expressive. click on the link to see the actual size of the clip on YouTube. Or click twice on the clip. It doesn't show the whole size on my blog.

March 16, 2010

A Kitchen In Tokyo

An interesting article that let us peek (unfortunately no photos) into Japanese household kitchens. Their kitchens is the one place that visiting family members and friends are unwanted. It's practically a taboo. This article is regarding a popular Japanese show called "Totsugeki! Tonari No Ban Gohan (surprise attack)" that shows shows up unannounced in people's houses to show their kitchen during mealtime. The meals themselves have a ritual. It was a good article to learn about the Japanese kitchens and how the meals are served.

Bento - Home Kitchens: Cluttered with Convenience

Main Page

Bento - Tokyo Food Page

March 15, 2010

Are you a big fan of the original Twilight Zone show? I am. I loved the show except for the creepy episodes. Like when William Shatner sees a beast on the airplane's wing. And the one where a young woman who lives in a world that everybody look like pigs with third eyes, has a face surgery. She has bandages on her face, so we never see what she looks like until the end of the show. Once the bandages are removed, she looks at the mirror and screams. Her surgery was a disaster. She is in a sharp contrast to these scary pig like being. She is beautiful with two eyes. She would be beautiful on earth, but on this planet, where a beauty would someone who a pig like creature with three eyes she is an outcast.

But a big favorites of mine, is the one where the Robert Redford plays the Angel of Death which was actually a nice angel. I can see why he was such a heart throb at the those days. As the angel of death, he helps an old woman to face the reality that it's her time to go and not to be afraid. He plays and an injured man whom she nurses back to health, or so she thinks. In the process of getting healed, he slowly charms her, and shows her there is nothing to be afraid of. He helps her not to afraid of death. At the end he finally convinces her, and she lets her fear go. There is more to that. Her house is being demolished, but she refused to go. I think it's a symbolism for her fear of death. Do you think?

The Paley Center For Media which is located both in NY and LA has a lot of information about the show from all kinds of aspects including Rod Serling's early career. It's a wonderful reading and if you read about it, you will learn about the show's premier, the show influence on Stephen King, Star Trek, Cindy Sherman, and more, Surrealism, distinct graphic look at the TZ, legacy, panoply of stars, and the collection at the Paley Center For Media. Besides the Twilight Zone, there are other topics that are not related to the Twilight Zone that are features on this site that also includes fun.

Make sure you know where you are though. I still haven't quite mastered the way of the navigation yet. But, maybe it's just me. I was a bit lost trying to view other interesting subjects. Overall, I love this site very much and enjoyed it. the Paley Center would be a place that I'd like to see in person.

I also liked the "perspectives on media" page. Its pretty cool. They have good topic for practically anyone. I think it's a good page to focus on at if you are at lost, because it includes most or all of the topics in this site, besides, it's fun too.

The Twilight Zone Forever


March 14, 2010

Fantastic Lego Art

It's amazing what people can do with Lego, isn't it? It never ceased to amazed me to see new Lego artwork. One of the most impressive that I've seen was a few years ago. it was a full size Volvo.

The Brothers Brick is all about Lego art.

The Brothers Brick