April 26, 2008

Wild Albinos

Wow, I've never seen so many pictures of albino animals before! Not at once, anyway. These are some fascinating creatures. I've only seen albino dogs and cats in person, so this is sort of amusing.

Webshots Albino Animals

April 25, 2008

Once Upon A Time TV Stations Were Born..

Doug Quick is a Weather Anchor for News Channel 15 and 27 (WCCU). There is more about him in his site.

So, here you'll find history of the early years of the radio and television in Illinois. As well, the historical TV schedules and the first days of the central Illinois TV. The TV history is actually part of the tv stations' background.

In the radio sections, you'll find old pictures of the staff. Maybe you'll recognize someone?

Oh yeah, plenty of pictures from tv!

Doug Quick

The Art Of Hosiery

Nadine is a vintage fashion collector from the UK. Nadine started collecting hosiery, when one day she found a 1920 white silk stocking in an antique store. After trying it on, she became curious about its history. Eventually, the studying of the hosiery's history, turned into a hobby.

On the site, the history is divided into four categories. "Silk & Artificial Stockings" (the early stocking), "Nylon Stockings" (start of 1930's -), "The New Pantyhose" (1960's - 1990's) and "Hosiery Today".

It's interesting to see how decades ago, the society regarded this fashion.

Museum Of Hosiery

April 24, 2008

Don't spit on my shoes!

OK, so the title of my post wasn't exactly clear. I missed this article from mental_floss, this was published last month. It is regarding 10 athlete's superstitions. Where do these people come up with these rituals? Good thing that the presidents (so far) keep theirs privately.

10 Most Bizarre Athlete Superstitions

April 23, 2008

Robots, Robots, Robots...

There many vintage robots and space toys. The site also includes a private collection, games, tin toys, new style classics, battery operated toys, memorabilia, and books. There are also photos of auction items and other collectibles.

Note: This site has frames. I can't find an option for a "no frame" version.

Ozzie's Robot Toys & Collectibles

April 22, 2008

Outer Space Daily Archive

Every day NASA displays a picture from its archive. There are ton of images. Many are awesome. There is a clickable image list. Under each image, there is a brief explanation by a professional astronomer.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Purple Palace

Oh my! What a house! I like it. It is certainly creative. If you are a messy person, or a slob it'll be a perfect match for you. Nobody will notice, lol.

The Purple Palace

April 21, 2008

Buying A Toy In 1950's

I like most of the video. I enjoyed seeing the toys that they had way back in the 50's. Nowadays, they seem so "primitive" and "timid". Asides from these toys, there is a scene in which one of the scientists tested a plant that you supposed to put in a covered plastic box in order to make it grow (and watering it of course).
Bottom line, in this video, the scientists were basically testing the toys for hazards.

You know, these kids were lucky, that they weren't exposed to the kind of violent toys and video games that we have today. It's amazing to see how simple these toys were. But if we look at the society's values back then, then it kinda makes sense, I suppose.

It's a good clip, it is however, 14 minutes and 20 seconds long. So make sure you have the time...

Popular Mechanics Magazine Presents - "How To Buy A Toy"

Comiqs Blog

Here is another blog for creating and sharing your "comic style media". Thank you, Kristen, for the link.