December 14, 2008

Don't Land At That Airfield

This interesting site shows abandoned "little known airfields". There are images of airports, airfields, airplanes and maps. Some history is included as well. The ground areas are neglected and out of shape. There are several towns for each state. The pictures above from the top are Anacostia, DC, Airdome, SF, and Rocky Mount, NC

Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields


Mike Sticker said...

Is this blog abandoned?

Daphna said...

the PTSD due to the brutal killing of my dog. I was difficult to post at the state of mind which I was at.

I had no motivation and desire to post,, since I am not quite over the trauma, but I'm getting better. It has been almost 4 month since my dog's passing away. I think grieving is a process that can take lifetime for some people. You keep going on, but it's still there.

Hopefully, I'll be able to retrive my data from the bad hard drive. Then, find the motivation to post.

Sorry for not posting for a long time. I haven't forgotten. Thank you for your concern, and for asking.

P.S. When I get a new dog in a couple of months, I might also be more motivated to post regularly.