August 8, 2008

Will Be Right Back..

Dear readers,

I'll be off for a couple of days. Will return on Sunday or Monday.

Meanwhile enjoy the "MoonBird Hubley 1959 Acadamy Award Winning Cartoon" clip from YouTube.

Have a great weekend!

The Linkster

August 7, 2008

Have You Got a Pay Phone Token?

Really nifty site. It's interesting to see all those different pay phones from all over the world (every continent as a matter of fact)! Worth a look (if you can handle the background's bright colors. I don't think it's a color blindness compatible site. But I could be wrong). There are also cool pictures of really old pay phones, with explanations. The old phones were my favorites.

But, boy, Japan has pretty creative phone booths! I've never seen anything like that. Japan always has cool stuff!

World Pay Phones

Jouets anciens et jeux de societe

This site is from France. There are few pictures of old toys and games from several countries. So maybe you'll spot your favorite game ;-). I don't know if there is any profanity or such in this site (there are other non-toys posts). Hopefully not!

By the way, Calimero, the black chick with the egg on top of its head, is a favorite character of mine. You can buy lots of Calimero items in Paris (that's what I was told) and online. You can also see its classic cartoons on YouTube.

Center Blog

August 6, 2008

Know Your Traffic Signs

There are interesting (and boring) road traffic signs for Europe and other countries (well, they are mainly European). If you are plan to drive in Europe as a tourist, this site may be helpful for you. I just hope this is an updated site! I have a book for Asian culture, and when I showed it to my Thai and Taiwanese friends, they laughed. They said it was so bad, that I should it throw away (for example, it said that there are no bathrooms at homes in Thailand). It was an "updated" published book with an "out of date" data. Go figure!

I have travelled in Europe, but I would imagine the road signs don't usually (or rarely) change that much, or eliminated out of existence. At least, that's my hunch. Boy, there are so many signs out there in Europe! I don't even think (I don't have the facts) that we have that many here in the US as in Europe. I really liked the "Road World Signs I". There are signs of hospital and first aid signs. Also liked the Road World Signs II" for the roundabout signs.

I started with the Stop signs page (World Road Signs III).

International Road Traffic Signs and Signals

August 5, 2008

The World of Yo-Yo In 2008

I saw a segment about this contest in the news a few days ago. It is over already, so I'm a bit late posting this (I saw the news while the competition was still open). There are really amazing "stunts". I used to play with my yo-yo when I was a kid, but I never could do any of those awesome tricks. Look up for the "Video" on the left side's bar. Click it and you'll find yourself in a new page, where you will see the contestants in action.

2008 World Yo-Yo Contest

You can also see the contest videos on YouTube. Using the search option, I received these results by typing the keywords "yo-yo championship".

YouTube: World Yo-Yo Contests

August 4, 2008

Growing Up With PBS

PBS (Public Broadcasting Services) was born in November 3, 1969 which continued the functions of its predecessor the National Educational Television (NET). The NET was established in 1952 (You'll find better details about the NET in the second link below). In October 5,1970, PBS merged with the Education Television Stations. Personally, I can't imagine how the television industry would have with out PBS!

PBS has been an integral part of American television for 5 decades. For those of who grew up during the 1970's, it has provided a range educational tv shows that had taught (and impacted) the "facts of life" through shows like Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Mr. Rogers, Big Blue Marble and The Romper Room. It continued to provide the same services to the future generations with new shows and of course, Sesame Street. It has also provided educational programming such as Nova, Biographies, British shows, and more. All which we benefit from.

Wikipedia PBS History

The Evolution of the PBS Logo