October 4, 2008

Blog - Good News Blog

You know, everytime I turned on the news or read them, all I see are bad and depressing stories. Some of them are obviously for the shock values. So, when I do see a positive and heartwarming story (I am not talking about the entertainment section). It's like only a story or two among all the crappy news. Some days there are nothing. Sometimes I don't even read the news for a while because they can ruin my day.

Several years ago, I've came across this site and was surprised to see that there is a pleasant news site to read. It was nice to see something like that for a change. Some stories are about people, life, heroes, miracles, charity, science and technology, reunited, and animals.

I wish that all major news outlets would tone down the bad news that we could do without, and focus on bringing on more positive news.

Good News Blog

Know Your Horror Cinema

An excerpt from "About Us" describes the site is: "a website dedicated to exploring and celebrating the history of the horror film, through reviews, articles, and biographies of artists who have contributed to the genre."

In Reviews there are reviews for movies both old and new. Such as the classic "It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958)", and "An American Haunting (2005)" .

In Masters you'll see names of actors, writers, effects (example: Rob Bottin), directors and studios.

In Newsreels you'll find scoops and news.

There are also links which I have not checked yet. The links go by subjects, for example, television/horror hosts and German films sites.

I did have trouble with the buttons that lead you to the next page. They work, but they are slow. But it's worth it (well, I am on DSL).


October 3, 2008

Looking For A Haunted House?

My "scary" link for today is the Haunted Houses directory. Looking for a haunted house? Or maybe a haunted or a Halloween event? You might find what you are looking for here:


Farewell Mr. Clean

What a strange coincidence. Only a few hours after I posted my last post, I read that actor House Peters Jr. passed away from pneumonia at age 92.

The image above is from CNN.com. House Peters Jr. is the actor on the left. I don't who the actor on the right is, or where the scene is from.



To view his bio visit IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base):


October 2, 2008

Mr. Clean - An Update

I just got comment from Scott with a link showing us the face behind Mr. Clean. The actor who played him is House Peters Jr. I posted the comment in the original "Mr. Clean Will Clean Your Whole House" post.

To see the original post go to:


Monsters 411 To Go

Couldn't think of a better title..

Finally, October is here and Halloween is on the way. So, like last year, I'll be posting some scary links, but not gory. Be warned anyway!

Today I will start with "Monsters 411". It's a pretty cool site. As you can see it is dedicated to monsters. You can read interviews (for example: Ray Harryhausen!). Articles (example: Bob Burns & Restoring The Time Machine). For some reason these two categories show "coming soon", but they do function. Just click on the image. I think this site is a bit new. But I am not sure because I don't see any copyrights.

Also, there are reviews, magazines, photos, monster arts and miscellaneous (dvds, books, cds, video clips). There are also links that I have not checked.

If you like to create/draw monster arts, you can send your own too.

The drawing above was drawn by Frank Dietz's. Click on his drawing at Monsters 411 and you'll land on his personal site. He has awesome sketches displayed which you can buy as well. I admit, I chose this drawing to display here, because I am a die hard fan of this original movie ;-) I don't even know how many times I've seen it since I was a kid. More than 50 times I am sure. Personally, I think it's one of George Pals' best movies.

Monsters 411

You can visit Frank Dietz's site directly from here as well:

Frank Dietz

October 1, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Mouse

As a child, I never got anything from the Tooth Fairy ;-) I didn't even know who this lady with the wings and the magic wand was. So, where is this tale coming from? An interesting explanation at Wikipedia explains its various origins. Did you know that it involved a mouse?!

Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy Coin image is from:

Tooth Fairy Coin

What Is The Meaning Of Your Friend's German Last Name?

Do you ever wonder about German surnames? What are their meaning? I occasionally do. It's sometimes fun to try to figure out what their English translation might be. Many of the family names also have more than one meaning and variants in English, German, French, and others. There are also many Jewish meanings.

Some examples:

Fromme: a nickname for an honorable man.

Frey: free man (as not being a serf).

Ringler: a maker of bone, horn, or ivory rings (occupation).

Schwartzkopf: nickname for someone with dark hair.

Rinkus: (variant of Rink): buckle maker.

Zucker: nickname for someone with sweet tooth. ALSO "an offensive nickname for someone thought to be a thief".

Family Education German Surnames

September 28, 2008

YouTube - Evolution Of Music Devices

An interesting 46 seconds lesson of a fast motion clip about the evolution of the musical devices. Starting with a Gramophone and ending with a cell phone.