October 4, 2008

Know Your Horror Cinema

An excerpt from "About Us" describes the site is: "a website dedicated to exploring and celebrating the history of the horror film, through reviews, articles, and biographies of artists who have contributed to the genre."

In Reviews there are reviews for movies both old and new. Such as the classic "It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958)", and "An American Haunting (2005)" .

In Masters you'll see names of actors, writers, effects (example: Rob Bottin), directors and studios.

In Newsreels you'll find scoops and news.

There are also links which I have not checked yet. The links go by subjects, for example, television/horror hosts and German films sites.

I did have trouble with the buttons that lead you to the next page. They work, but they are slow. But it's worth it (well, I am on DSL).


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