May 17, 2008

Blog - I'm Learning To Share

I like this blog. It is a pretty big blog. So, I didn't get to check this throughly. So far it looks great. At least I hope so! I would, however, be cautious about viewing the blog at work, as well the links. I know that some of the sites, such as "Dana's Virtual Museum Of Unusual LP Cover Art " would not be proper for work for most of you (probably).

Oh, yeah, there are tons of links. I have not viewed all of them. So no feedback from me here.

This blog is full of pop culture and nostalgia. Lots of fun. The blogger describes his site's purpose as "Time for a little Show & Tell, 'cuz all that neat stuff is no fun if you keep it to yourself."

In case you are wondering, there is no (so far) nudity in the "exotica" section. There are only 2 posts.

I'm Learning To Share blog

May 16, 2008

Flickr - Weird Advertising Characters (pool)

This one is a collection for 417 weird advertising characters items from the Flickr shared pool. There are indeed strange characters here, but some of the characters are actually pretty cool. In my opinion anyway. You might recognize some of the posters names from my other Flickr posts as well.

Flickr The Weird Advertising Characters Pool

May 15, 2008

Do Not Twist That Car's Logo!

I was very surprised to see this. But then, I don't know any of the rip off companies, except for Hyundai and Carlsson. Honesly, some of these rip offs are hideous! The Merry logo is creepy, and the Huaxiang's look like a slice of pizza. The Jincheng's logo look like a UFO, and the Changan's logo actually reminds me of the Star Trek logo.

Why can't they just come up with something original? I'm sure they could create something nice.

Hey, don't forget to check the "Racing decals & emblems" page!

Cartype - Car Company Logo Rip-Offs

May 14, 2008

Petroliana European Style

Another great UK and European petrol collectible site. This site is very cool. I don't collect these stuff, but had fun looking at this guy's collection. I especially liked the light boxes and the globes. There is also some history included.


When Critters Are Friends

If you are into unusual and cute friendships between animals you will probably like this site. Sadly, the last time this blog was updated was over a year ago. ;-(

Let's Be Friends

If you liked the blog, then you'll like this one (if you haven't seen it yet). It is much more extensive. This one is up to date. These are photos sent by the pets owners. If you want to post yours, you'll need to join the site. Other wise, you can just view the lovely gallery.

There are links to other pet and animal sites, but i have not checked them out.

The Cute Project

May 13, 2008

YouTube - Slinkies!

I remember my slinky. I had the metal (maybe it was aluminum?) and the plastic pink one that came out late 70's I think. This is the first slinky commercial. Remember slinky from Toy's Story? This is the one here. I remember the slinky commercials from the 70's. I remember the stairs. That was the best part.

This Slinky is from the 1970s. Check out the kids clothes! and that green shaggy carpet. It was perfect for collecting dust ;-)


These things are amazing. Radiola Guy (the site is operated by C.E. "Sonny" Clutter), has an impressive collection (both for selling and exhibiting) of radio items, horns, speakers and other radio related items. There is even a photograph of the first electronic synthesizer. There are also small tvs shown here. Everything are very vintage. Let's see, basically there is an online museum, a showcase, auctions, items for sale, and several more categories such as supplies, repro items, etc. That's a heck of a collection, you'd need a big room and plenty of shelves, for all these collectible items!

Radiola Guy

May 12, 2008

What Are These Strange Music Stuff?

The Electric Roulette is a site about music. But it was this page that got my attention. Whole bunch of weird stuff. Some are just plain odd, other are just too weird. Like the Gene Simmons (from the KISS band) Bath Duckie. Personally, I though that the ducky is just too creepy.

You see these sort of things at the gadget sites on the net. But, these are basically music related items, which makes this page a little different from the tech gadget sites.

I can't seem to view the archive for the strange merchandise page. oh, well..

What is that last doll anyway? It looks a bit like Barbabeau from Barbapapa cartoons and books, minus the furry hair ;-)

Electric Roulette - Weird Merchandise

Back In Time To Tokyo

See vintage photos of old Tokyo's neighborhoods. Each neighborhood's page is accompanied with its history. There are also vintage photos of various landmarks (theaters, bridges, restaurants, railways etc), as well vintage maps.

Note: If you are color blind, be aware that the background is a dark red (on my screen anyway).

Old Tokyo

May 11, 2008

Flickr - Maps On Postcard (pool)

Wow! Just my kind of postcards! Huge collection 632 fabulous images from the Flickr's pool. These are from all over the world. Boy, now I have the urge to visit Switzerland!

Maps on postcards