November 24, 2007

Randy Glasbergen

Randy Glasbergen always makes me laugh, or just a chuckle and a smile. It doesn't matter if I've seen a particular comic in the before. His style is smooth and clean, and easy on the eyes. He is clearly a talented cartoonist. He also has his own cartoon books for sale. I ought to buy some, it'll make a good gift!

Randy Glasbergen


This small museum is pretty cool. They have vintage newspapers pictures about the , the mourning that include music sheet, postcards, blue and red books. There are details on the interior of the ship, even the carpet, curtains and smoking room's floor tiles! There are items like a pencil kit and a passenger guide. Also, postcards of the Titanic sinking.

Titanic Museum

Fasten Your Button

I admit, when I first saw this site, I was skeptical. I thought to myself, what could possibly be interesting about buttons? Buttons never piqued my interest before, that is, until now. There are buttons out there, that have character to them, than the ordinary everyday button that you see on your cloth. Well, there are about 80 categories, that include cartoons, commercial icons (such as snap-on tools), cigarettes, gasoline, soccer, world fairs (see cone and ball button above). The airline category as I expected has many of these buttons. Thanks to this museum, I am no longer biased against buttons!


November 22, 2007

Top 8 Thanksgiving Movies From Entertainment Weekley

For those who don't know.. Today is Thanksgiving in the US. Here is a list from EW for 8 Thanksgiving movies:

Entertainment Weekly,,20161530,00.html

November 21, 2007

Underdog Cheerios Commercial

Vintage Packages

It seems that many of the items that are featured here are part of our needs in life. Some of these are such soap, Kleenex, Curad Bandages, Noxema, Lifebouy Shave Cream among others.There are food packages here also, such as the Jolly Time popcorn, Jello, Chock Full O'Nuts Coffee. I enjoy looking at them, but was a bit disappointed that there were no dates.

By the way, their links section is not up to date.

American Package Museum

Make a Bubble

A Bubble Blower Museum from different decades. Even though, most of them are from the 90's, there are a bunch of vintage ones. I was surprised to see many of these blowers. What was surprised me the most, were the battery based bubble blowers.

Bubble Blowers Museum

November 20, 2007

Build A Castle With A Garden

There are some amazing toys. The architectural toys collection is part of a permanent collection located at the National Building Museum in Washington D.C.

So far, the oldest game that I've seen here is from 1859 under "WOODEN ARCHITECTURAL BUILDING SETS" section. It seems to me that this section is the only one that has many games from the late 19th century. I don't know why, but I do have a hunch it has to do with the time period.

An excerpt about the collection..."More than eighteen hundred vintage construction sets of all kinds and compositions: wooden, cardboard, stone, metal, rubber, and plastic - architectural, structural, mechanical, engineering, and vehicular. Includes most of the oldest, largest, and rarest sets ever made by the most famous manufacturers"

Click on the images to go to another section with few more pictures.

*Update: March 28 2008 - Link is no longer valid

The National Building Museum's Architectural Toys Collection

Where did the Advertising icons go?

Did you know that some advertising icons (Wendy and the Gerber baby for example) were based on real people and children? Find out what happened to some of these former icons "role models". I like this article, because it's different from those "where are they now child stars" stories. This one is not about former child actors. I was actually surprised to learn that the Dutch Boy, Sailor Jack and Big Bob were based on real children.

Mental Floss

Ice Cream Scream!

Ice cream vans are fun! Especially, if it's a Mr. Softee ice cream van ;-) There are some old British ice cream vans here. The site is great, it pretty much covers everything about classic old cars, both American and British with pictures included. The ice cream van page is just one small section from the Old Classic Car site. So, I recommend to view rest of the site too for other neat stuff.

Classic Old Car - Ice Cream Vans

November 19, 2007

Good Bye Mr. Whipple

Good Bye Mr. Whipple. Dick Wilson who played as Charmin's Mr. Whipple on tv for 21 years with 500 commercials under his wing(whoa!), has passed away today at age 91 from natural causes.

*Update: March 28 2008 - Link is no longer valid

Yahoo News

19th Century Historical Menus

From the New York Public Library Digital Gallery. The Buttolph collection of special events (for example, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln birthdays anniversaries) menus from the years 1851 - 1908. It's a big collection. When I looked at those 19th century dates, I felt as if I was taking a historical trip to another life time.

The Buttolph Collection Of Menus

Fly Far Far Away...

Chris Sloan has all kind of pictures that are related to the aviation industry. Time tables, maps, paraphernalia, planespotting, LAX vintage postcards, and some more.. It's all his hobby. Impressive.

Webseum of Commercial Aviation

The Owsley Blog

Patrick Owsley says: "I create cartoon art for licensing, children's books, advertising, comic books, DVD packaging, video game packaging and more. I have worked with Warner Bros. (Looney Tunes), Hanna-Barbera, Rankin-Bass, Classic Media (Underdog and Mr. Magoo) and more!"

Patrick Owsley blog

November 18, 2007

Warner Bros. Films

Dave Mackey compiled a huge filmography of the Warner Bros. Cartoons from 1929 to 1964. Take a look!

Warner Bros. Cartoons Filmography

Where Is My Disc Camera?

Remember the Disc Camera? Here are pictures of several of them. There are 12 cameras on the first page. But if you scroll down on that page, you'll get more links. The Collector link is a good one. The second link here, covers Kodak Disc Cameras.

Gallery of the Disc Cameras of the 1980's

Kodak Disc Cameras

Take a Ride to Outer Space

There is an abundant of information about the space age. A pretty amazing site. You can tell that the person who does this site, Winchell, invested a lot of time building it. I've never heard of him before, but according to him he had his 15 moments fame back in 1975 when he did a robot tanks game for a boardgame called OGRE.

In his site, he covers a wide range of topics that are related to space and space age. You'll find many things that include illustrations sci-fi magazines, animation, ray guns, space-ship attire, tv, movies and probably just about anything that is related to space and space age. He also covers real space projects (like NASA). I visited this site a few times in the past, and I'm still learning :-)

Atomic Project