May 9, 2009

Unlikely Friendships and Nursing Animals.

Take a look at these wonderful unlikely friendships at Yahoo videos. Some examples, a dog who is 21 years old! A sheep that mothers an elephant, dogs that are friends with and live with rats (one of my favorite videos), and a cat that says "hello".

Sorry, I don't know how to embed these into my post. Otherwise, I'd embed one of them. Some of them do lead to YouTube though.

Purina Animals All Stars

If this link isn't working, try the short version:

May 8, 2009

Blog - "The Woof Report Blog" (plus a great video)

With mother's day coming up, I was sent this sweet YouTube video called "Burlington, Iowa Dog Raises Kittens". In the video you'll also see quick clips of other female animals taking care of other breeds. Like a tiger taking care of an orphan monkey or an ape. But this clip is really about Burlington.

It was sent from a wonderful site called "Woof Report Blog". Take a look at this site which is dedicated to animals, primarily dogs in San Francisco Bay Area. It has information, tid bits, tips, events, info, stories, etc. It's really a nice looking blog. Useful if you live in SF area if there are local events, but good even if you don't. It's good for everybody!

You'll see the video in the url below.

Burlington, Iowa Dog Raises Kittens

May 6, 2009

The Most of the Most...

The Most Expensive journal is simply about "most expensive" this and that. It's amazing how people spend money on the "most expensive" items, when you can find the same thing for a much cheaper money (and sometimes better quality).

To be honest, sometimes when I'm out shopping I get jealous when I see something that I like but very expensive and which I may not even need it.It'd rather donate. It's more fun. Makes me happier. There is always a cheapo may that will do the same job or better. But, heck, it doesn't make me less intrigues or make me go "wow! when I see a $20,000 vacuum" (which is basically expensive because it has 3,730 Swarovski crystals and that's about it) but then I go "so what". I can buy the exact same Electrolux vacuum without the crystals for a reasonable price. I could put a fake crystals on it too, lol. Sometimes I laugh at all that money that companies bother to spend money on, like a gold cell phone. Who need a gold cell phone to call for an appt with the dentist?

Good thing we have eBay.

Anyway, I'm babbling as usual. Here is the link:

Most Expensive Journal

Some of the things that I liked was the story of the most expensive nose that was insured for nearly 8 million USD, and the most expensive m&m.

The pictures above are of the most expensive swimming pool, and the most expensive m&m.

May 5, 2009

A Horse From The Past

I saw an additional link that I thought would be nice to post (I am sure there are other good ones out there) called "The Antique Horse". It's tad bit different than the other link.

This is site is also about antique rocking horses, except that it is much more sophisticated in a way and is not exclusively about rocking horses only.

It includes carousel figures, carousel trim, rocking horses models, unusual items, ethnic figures, contemporary carving, folk art, shows, and restorations. I have to admit, that I was surprised that there is such thing as ethnic horses. I was excited. But there is only one. It was actually very intriguing to me. It was an interesting old Mexican parade horse that was made around 1950 and is on sale for $300. The objective of this horse is to be worn by a child on July 25th feast day parade of St. James. There is a short paragraph that explain the parade of St. James (I am not familiar with this holiday).

There is also a stained glass, but I don't see any relation to horses here. There are pictures of shows that have the horses in them, and some other objects.

I'd say, these rocking and carousel horses aren't cheap in neither link. Some have a price mark that end with 3 zeroes. You can buy a used cheapo car with some of the money worth. Or a little tiny car with a bit of loan.

The Antique Horse

A Trip On The Carousel

These are real antique rocking horses. I was impressed with some of them. Some seem are pretty different than the ones we have these days. Actually, the ones we have today don't see to be a whole lots different I think. These horses have been restored. There are a few that are on sale. Several of these horses are from the 19th century and through to mid 20th century. There is one from 1990's and the 70's or so, but the rest as I have mentioned are go way back to the 19th century.

Rocking Horse Design & Art Design Holland

May 3, 2009

The 50 most popular celebs on Twitter!

I belong to a group that discuss Twitter a lot. Here is a list of celebs (article is from Feb) who have twitters. There are actually a lots of names I never heard of! I bet other bloggers have already posted about this link. But heck if you have not seen it then I sure am happy to help.

Times Online