June 14, 2008

YouTube - 1960's Country Corn Flakes

I agree, this is one bizarre Corn Flakes ad.


The Dry Squad Is Coming

Here is another historic police site. Actually, this is a page out of the San Diego History Journal site. I enjoyed looking at the old historical photos of the San Diego police squads. This is basically why I decided to post this link. The photos range from late 19th century to the early 20th century.

Journal Of San Diego History

June 12, 2008

What's On That Crate's Label?

Some of these labels are great looking (even though some of them are freakish). Some of them even look like collector trading cards (well, on my screen anyway). They are all from 1910's to 1950's. Truth is, I've never really paid attention to the crate art. It always seemed to me that they all have the same style of various fruits and/or just text illustrations . They all seemed pretty much the same with slight variations. Nothing significant. But, after reviewing this site, my perspective changed. Now, I will pay better attention next time I see a box of apples ;-)

Box Of Apples Crate Art

The Chinese Lottery Tickets

I'm having a hard time reading the full museum's name on the logo. It's too small. I do see that it is a government site.

Basically, the introduction tells us that there are different types of lottery tickets. For instance, Chinese land, charity and disaster relief. It also mentions the role of Macao in the Chinese lottery. The information was a learning experience for me, and I hope you too.

Click on "illustration" on top right of the page, under "Old Lottery Tickets in the History of China". There are several photographs that also include tickets from past dynasties.

House Museum Old Chinese Tickets

June 11, 2008

Flickr - Old Catalog's Catalog Sets

Old Catalog has sets of various catalogs from the past. It's neat to see how the earlier fashion catalogs (not all of them are about fashion) differ greatly from today's catalogs. Back then, it was all illustration, today it is all photographs of real models. There are a lot of nice illustrations which I really liked. It made (in my opinion anyway) the catalogs more fun. Also, I thought it was interesting that the fashion catalogs from the early 20th century had very busy pages. I lot of images squeezed into one page. I wonder if there was a particular reason to as why (maybe the ink or the paper was expensive?).

Old Catalog's Sets

If you are curious to know what was the first US catalog (image below), check out Wikipedia. There is a tad bit of history about other countries too.

Wikipedia Mail Order

Best Sellers Of The 70's

I thought this it was cool to see what books were popular during the 1970's. I recognize mostly the ones that had movies based on the them, like the Thorn Birds and Roots. The images above are from Amazon.com. The best sellers link has no book photos.

1970's Best Sellers

June 10, 2008

Stamp The Decade

The Virtual Stamp Club site has "milestones" stamps for each decade, starting in 1900 through the 1990's. Several examples, for the 1900's decade, there are (among others) stamps of "Crayola Crayon" Box and "Pure Food & Drug Act". For the 1930's you'll see the "Household Conveniences" and "The FDR New Deal" stamps. Fast forward to the 1960's there are the nostalgic "Woodstock" and a "Barbie" stamps.

Virtual Stamp Club - Celebrate The Century

A Japanese Baseball Card Blog & History

A blog about japanese baseball player cards. Check out his FAQ too.

Japanese Baseball Cards blog

If you want to learn about the history and the origin of the Japanese baseball check out these sites:


This large museum is in Japan. It first opened in 1959, then in 1988 it moved to another location (see more in the home page). This site comes both in Japanese and English.

The Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

June 9, 2008

Who's Is Karl Rove?

Every now and then I look up at celebrities pictures from their school days. I have seen a few sites in the past, but this page I have not. It has the most pictures that I've ever seen! It was fun. But when I looked at Janis Joplin's picture, it was hard for me to comprehend how this sweet little girl turned out to have such a troubled life.