October 26, 2008


I am still mourning the loss of my best friend and pal, Bodie. He was only 6. He was attacked mercilessly by a Boxer and a Pit Bull who had a history of killing in the past. Bodie had a deep and big puncture wound in his lung. The Boxer and Pit Bull were not supposed to be at the dog park due to their violent nature. Unfortunately, their presence at the dog park cost Bodie's life. Bodie lost his battle while at the hospital's table. He did not survived despite the vet's efforts to save him. So, I wanted to post his picture in honor of him.

He was a wonderful dog who touched the heart of many people with his daily antic. He was one of a kind will be very much missed.

If you wonder what breed he is, he is a large Papillon, which means butterflies in French.