September 27, 2008


This eBay store, SKEVCO Antiques Collectibles, sells many vintage items. It's really a long list, so I am not gonna list all the categories here. But the categories which have over 100 items, are tobacciana, soda pop items, sport memorabilia, tins vintage, transportation, vintage comics sheets (303!), gas & oil company ROAD MAP, car brochure, catalogs vintage, breweriana, bottles vintage and advertising vintage items.

The owners describe their store: "Dealing in Nostalgia, vintage advertising items, old toys, collectibles, & sports memorabilia, in our MONTREAL Shop since 1981."

I wish I knew what SKEVCO stands for. I'd love to know.

The eBay URL is so long, that I used the to post the link (it's still an eBay link).


September 26, 2008

The Wonder of The Connection..

I am having problem viewing sites. The connection takes too long. :-( So I am not gonna post any links today. Hopefully, it will improve tomorrow.

September 24, 2008


The site features bios of famous pets and other famous animals. Some of the famous animals featured are Asta, Babe, Black Beauty, Benji, The Pie, Flipper, Hooch and Will. Even King Kong has a spot. The bios are actually from different type of animals. Commercial animals (Taco dog, Gecko, Morris and Spuds), TV, movies, presidential, race horses, working, and weird & random.

There are also pages for Celebrity Animal Advocates, Celeb/Pet Match Game, and a Presidential Pets Quiz. In addition to these, there are also videos, forum, resources and a photo gallery. I could not access the shop though. Got an error message. I guess the page was removed.

In case you don't recognize the dogs above, it is Asta, the Terrier from "The Thin Man" movies. The mutt is the original Benji (his real name is "Higgins"). Isn't he adorable?


September 22, 2008

Yankee Stadium Memories - A Farewell

Saying good bye to the Yankes Stadium. A team that I used to be a fan of back in the 70's. I saw a game there once, it was a great experience to see the great players of that time.

Yankee Stadium Memories

What Is Your Favorite Sport Team's Logo?

Looking for a sport team's logo history? Or maybe you can't remember the logo of the rival team? Maybe you need to study the logos for your design class? Perhaps you are just bored..

Chris Creamer's sport logo's site has logos for the following sport fields, current and old, basketball, college, football, hockey, lacrosse, Olympics, rugby and soccer/football. There is even a logo almanac. I spent a long time viewing the almanac. It was fun to view the teams' older logos. I am quite impressed by the amount of work that Mr. Creamer has done.

In case you are wondering, the top logo, with the cowboy shooting and holding a bottle, is the 49ers logo from 1946 - 1967. I used to be a big fan of this team during their heydays.

Chris Creamer's Sport Logo. Net

September 21, 2008

Find The Pac!

A huge list of the arcade video games from the KLOV. They even have video games from the 1970's. Some of these 'oldies' brought me back memories. I remember when the Pong came out. It was so cool and innovative back in those days. It's still a cool game, isn't it? Note that there are symbols on the right next to each video game's info on the list. I noticed that it's not too accurate. Some shows that there is no cabinet, while there is in fact, a cabinet.

At the International Arcade Museum you'll see additional selections of other type of game machines, like Slot Machines (Coin-Op) where you'll see machines from the beginning of the 20th century! There are also a bunch from the 19th century at the Trade Stim section. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of those.

Other machine types at the Museum are: Arcade, Music (jukebox), Pinball, Scales, Trade Stims (stimulators) and Vending.

Don't forget to check the "The Top Coin-Operated Videogames of all Times"!

KLOV: Killer List Of Video Games

International Arcade Museum

The Top Coin-Operated Videogames of all Times