February 9, 2008

The Roller Coaster's Life

Have you ever wondered how the Roller Coaster started in first place? Well, I have not, but did wonder what they were like back in the 50's. I just found out here that it started way before then! Try 17th century in Russia!! Amazing, isn't it? If

Roller Coaster History

The main page if you haven't figured it out already..

Ultimate Roller Coaster

Noah's Arks Islands

Wow, these are pretty neat ideas for future man made islands. Today, according to the site, such islands are made for oil refineries, petrochemical, steel work, fertilizer production, paper manufacturing and so on. But the artificial future islands here,or as they are also called, "Noah's Arks", are much more than that. These are for multi purpose use. These already exist in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Creation of artificial islands

February 8, 2008


Yep, another album site. This one is about record album covers art! Ton and ton of it!

The Tralfaz Archives

The Art Of The Mini Aviation

There a lot of cool airplane models. There are several galleries for different airplane models. Cutaway and full scale models. Military and Space, as well specific airline companies. You'll find that the models are both for many old and newer airplanes. Also, there are a few copters as well.

Besides the airplane models there are is a French airlines memorabilia section, and an airline luggage labels page.

Overall the gallery is quite big. Whoever designed this site, put a lot of work on it.

Art Aviation

February 6, 2008

Flickr - fun old new's Vintage Cards

Since Valentine is approaching, I thought that this collection's timing is just right! These are all kind of cards. All vintage. The really old ones are interesting, as they are so different. They look like they were made from hard cardboard.

fun old new's Vintage Cards

February 5, 2008

The Tin Man

This might be a feast for those of you who are into tin toys, if you haven't seen this already. There are a lot of all type of tin toys here. Such as transportation, animals, clickers, robot and space craft. There is even a small section for classic tin toys from India. I believe tthat only one section contains actual vintage toys (I originally thought they were all vintage). FYI, the gun above is a vintage.

Tin Man Tin Toys

Flickr - bradleyloos' Record Room Set

Wow, I've never seen so many vintage records as a private collection! There are a lot of interesting album covers in here. He has 1,804 photos!!! That's a total of 30 pages!

Bradleyloos The Record Room