August 23, 2008

Flickr - nessachan's ephemera

Just when I thought that I've pretty much seen every ephemera on flickr, I find new ones. The ephemera is nice, and there is also a postcard set.

Flickr nessachan's ephemera

August 22, 2008

Vintage Ads Journal

This is a pretty cool journal/blog from full of old ads pre 1990. There are MANY good stuff that are shared by the readers (so far I've seen several thousands posts). There are YouTube clips too. I am not sure if this is proper for work, since there are a some ads with sexual ton.

By the way, the middle ad above is kinda funny (to me anyway). We had a station wagon back in the 70's that was about the same size, and I certainly don't recall any "walk in/out".. That woman was probably trying hard not to fall of the "step". I wonder how many times it took to get the picture right.

LiveJournal Vintage Ads

August 21, 2008

A Visit To Old California

The California Historian site displays 12 sets of old postcards of California. These are all from private collections of the collectors who provided them as scanned files. The sets feature the following towns: San Clemente, Monterey (2 sets), The Missions of California, Old Los Angeles, Ridge Route, Redlands & Nearby Locale, San Luis Obispo County, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara County, Stockton and Desert Communities. Many of the photographs have scenes with famous buildings, such as a courthouse, library, hotel, university and church. There is something wrong with the Ridge Route's set though. It is surprising to me that San Francisco isn't included, not even the state's capital, Sacramento. There is also an extensive list of links to other official historical society in California.

The images above starting from the bottom are of LA, San Clemente's Highway 101, cars park at a San Clemente pier (1928) and at last El Camino Real at San Clemente (1940's).

California Historian

August 20, 2008

Where Are 'Ya Bigfoot?

Personally, I don't believe in Bigfoot. But it does occasionally fascinate me. Usually, if it's a movie or tv show. Like the Bigfoot episode in "The Six Million Dollar Man". A favorite episode of mine.

Now, with the new hoax that has been recently in the news, I thought I'd google Bigfoot for fun. I was surprised to find out there are a several museums. Don't forget YouTube. I posted three sites, plus an essay link about the origin of Bigfoot (last link).


Bigfoot Museum

Bigfoot Discovery Project

If you want to learn about the origin of the Bigfoot folklore, check out the College of Siskiyous (at Weed, California) essay:

What is Bigfoot?

Aviation Art Portoflio - Lou Drendel

Wow, Lou Drendel, the artist, has an impressive portfolio of airplane illustrations. I like his style. Lou Drendel has always love airplanes ever since he was a child, especially military airplanes. It has influenced him greatly. He has a deep connection with airplanes, which is evident in his drawings. I wouldn't mind have a couple of his drawing myself, since he is quite talented. I would be nice to have them in my living room.

There is more information about Drendel on his site.

Aviation Art

August 19, 2008

YouTube - Leave It To Beaver Blooopers

Remember this show? You can still catch it on tv. I think it's on Nick. Here are a bunch of bloopers from that show. I love bloopers!

Leave It To Beaver Bloopers

August 18, 2008

Surgeon General Warning: Tobacco Ads Are Bad For Your Health!

From the University of Stanford. An image gallery about the Tobacco companies propaganda. It's amazing though, that despites all the awareness that we have today, that these companies still make tons of money.

Via co

Stanford University Tobacco Industry Campaign Gallery

Work For The Money

A fascinating page dedicated to paper cash money from around the world! For some countries, the money shown goes all the way back to the 19th century So that's a lot money. Good thing it goes by index, so you can just pick the country you want, and browse the years. You can also buy vintage money from this site.

There are countries which I've never heard of, like Biafra and Tokelau. Some countries that no longer exist, such as Yugoslavia. There also countries that have really nice looking paper, boring, interesting and unusual. It would take me a while to count them all (I saw about half the site, and my finger hurts already!). Look carefully when you check the countries names, it's easy to miss the images if you don't pay attention as to where to click.

What really surprised me the most, that Texas had their own money. That was in 1841 (well, that's the year of the currency seen here), when it was called the "Republic of Texas". The currency was Indian: Minerva. I've also forgotten that Hawaii used to have their own money in the 19th century.


August 17, 2008

De blikvanger -The Eye Catcher

This site is from the Netherlands. The translation for the name of the site, "De blikvanger" is "The Eye Catcher". I don't know if there is some particular meaning to it in Dutch. Anyhow, the main page in the English translation describes its goal: "On this site can return you just as in the time and enjoying old advertisements, speldjes, can drums and the history here."

There is also a virtual museum.

De blikvanger