May 10, 2008

Flickr - Al Q's Vintage Guitars

Hmm, I would have not thought of putting a guitar set. This is neat.

Al Q Vintage Guitar Set

Blindness Inspirations

These are lot of people that I never knew about their blindness, mostly the ones with one blind eye; like actors Claude Rains and David Duchovny (The X-Files). It's so easy to be fooled. That was enlightening for me. There were people I knew where blind, or partially blind, but didn't know the causes. I didn't even realized that Ella Fitzgerald (I probably just forgot) became blind later in life (due to Diabetes).

Originally, I just wanted to know which famous people have one blind eye. Actors in particular. I was curious. You know, it's hard to tell when you see them on the screen. I am aware that having one dimension only is difficult. I can't imagine living like this for rest of your life. Especially, if it happened later in your life. Becoming blind later must be incredibly depressing, I would think.

One of the people that really impressed me, was André De Toth. He was a film director. He filmed "House Of Wax" which was notable for its 3-D effects. Something that he himself could not perceive, and yet was able to direct it. How did he managed to do that?

When, I came upon this page, I was glad to see the other categories included, even though I was not looking for them. I was at awe with every one. There is even a blind golfer (Zohar Sharon) who is a pro.

Now, This has certainly been educational.

I could go on and on, but see for yourself. The categories are:

Blind From Birth
Persons Who Became Blind
Persons Blind in One Eye
Blind Painters
Blind Fictional and Mythological Characters

BTW, this site is actually for Diabetes

List of Famous Blind People.

May 9, 2008

Flickr - The Sugar Frosted Cereal Museum

I totally love Flickr. There is so much to "learn". The images here are from a pool (Flickr's group members), who have contributed them to the "Sugar Frosted Cereal Museum". According to Neato Coolville, who is the administrator of this pool, (and whose page I also I've posted a while back) they have reached up to 1,000 items in January.

If you have been following the Flickr posts on my blog, you'll probably recognize some of the posters' names.

Again, if you have seen similar posts about Flickr in my blog, you'll probably recognize many of the items as well.

Sugar Frosted Cereal Museum Pool

What's In A Logo?

As you probably have figured out already, this blog provides short summaries regarding logos. This is not an extensive site, so the database is limited. But it's a good source still.

The page below is about the history of famous logos. Just thought this is a good one to start with.

Logo Blog

May 8, 2008

The Country's Little Tractors

I've always thought that tractors look pretty much the same with minor differences. I did not grow up in a farm. But after taking a look at the tractor models, I realized some don't look alike at all. I had no idea there were that many tractors out there. Now I am gonna have to pay a better attention whenever I am out in the Country!

All the little toys here are mini scaled tractors. These toys were manufactured from 1986 to present. The museum is located in Dyersville, Iowa since 1986.

I am no tractor expert. So if you are wondering, what is this "syringe" thingy that sticks out of the tractors' hood, the answer is that I have no idea. Would love to know though. So till then, I can only guess..

National Farm Toys Museum

May 7, 2008

Ahh, Those Good Ole' Japanese Autos..

It's nice to see these sporty Japanese cars. Cars that rare today. I've always like the old Japanese cars, the Datsun and the Land Cruiser in particular. They have pretty cool classic sporty cars here. They are mostly from the 70's. Personally, I wouldn't mind owning some of them. ;-) If you'd like, You can order car prints.

This site also has a blog. Check it out too.

Japan Nostalgic Car

May 6, 2008

In The Air Yesterday

There are a lot vintage items and info happening here. The categories are mostly about airplanes and airplane kits and models. There are also sections for helicopters and submarine. My favorite section, of course, is the ephemera. There are nice items over there. The collectibles include but not limited to, books, photos, WWII stories, and art prints/originals.

As for the links, the first link is the current site. The second link is the original (pevious) link. I think there are some images that aren't on the new site. But I am not positive. I'm not done yet.. But, thought it's mentioning, just in case.

Collectair (current link)

Collectair (original link still active)

May 5, 2008

Learn About Medical Ephemera

Seems like this is the only university or government site, with online ephemera exhibition. Or at least, with more images than other university sites. It surprised me. But, thel other university sites that I have visited, all linked to this one site. So this must be the best around. There isn't an abundant of images here, but is certainly enough to learn about this topic.

Varieties of Medical Ephemera

Flickr - Vintage Roadside

Nice Road side ephemera set from Vintage Roadside. There are 151 pictures in this set. He has other sets, but I just like this set the best.

Vintage Roadside - Vintageroadside ephemera

May 4, 2008

Where Is Your Country?

This one is very different from the type of links that I've posted so far. I thought this is great, especially for people, who don't know much about other countries. Or at least where they are located. So, I thought it's a good game to post to learn and refresh your memory.

Sadly, I've heard many times on tv and read a lot in the newspapers, about people and high schoolers don't even know where England is. GASP!. Or worse, Americans who don't know where New Mexico is. They think New Mexico is in Mexico. That's another "GASP!" There are just too many people out there who are so clueless. It is sad and embarrassing. When I was in high school, I had a chat with a French classmate. We were talking about France, when she told me that some students didn't know where France is! Whoa!

Anyway, this game is actually fun. Have a good time and good luck!

Rethinking School Quiz

An Oldie Tiny-Mini Book On The Bookshelf

It has been a while since I've posted about books. This one is about miniature books. They sure are tiny! I never knew there were so many of them. Not to mentioned the truly old ones.
The old ones are nothing like the kind that you find in stationery (Hallmark, etc) stores. How can the printer print something so tiny?! You got to be real careful, I suppose. You can see how some are the size of a penny! These are just perfect for Tom Thumb and Thumbelina, ha. It's so easy for the tiniest ones, to get lost in the garden, without ever finding them! I'd need a huge magnifier! or a dog who knows how to sniff for books without chewing them.

4000 Years of Miniature Books