July 27, 2011

Norway: Norwegian Culture & Etiquette

Here is another nice and useful link for those who are planning to visit Norway.

* Note: I have absolutely no idea how updated the info is.I once bought two books about culture and gesture in other countries. When I showed the books to friends who were natives to those countries, they laughed. They said the book is so bad and so outdated that I should throw it away. For obvious reasons, I am not going to name the books. But I strongly suggest talking to a native about their country before visiting their country. For example, did you know that the "okay" gesture is considered offensive in some countries? I'd recommend not to make any gesture that may have good intention in the US, but represents the opposite in a foreign country. Just to be safe. Last thing you need is to offend your host or your waiter.

Norwegian Culture & Etiquette

The Vikings

Sadly, Norway has been in the news lately in a tragic way. I was thinking how many people know anything at all about Norway or should I say, how many don't? I was there many years ago as a child. I remember visiting Oslo but don't have a lot of memories of the visit itself. I only remember visiting a Viking museum. One memory in particular was one of the earliest Viking ship. It was a good experience. As a child I am sure that my recollection of the museum was that it was a big place, but now as an adult there is a good chance that it was a much smaller museum or a smaller room. Last thing I do remember is how beautiful is Norway.

Viking: Who Were The Vikings?

I'm Back!

It has been a year already. I hadn't expected myself to be absent for this long but now I am ready to post again. Since I was gone for a long time, I don't remember every post that I've posted here. It could take me a while to check the data every time I see a new link. My apologies if I do end up posting the same link twice. I'll do my best not to repeat the same link. I am also aware that some links have expired since I posted them. I noticed that some of my earliest links no longer function.

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