September 24, 2008


The site features bios of famous pets and other famous animals. Some of the famous animals featured are Asta, Babe, Black Beauty, Benji, The Pie, Flipper, Hooch and Will. Even King Kong has a spot. The bios are actually from different type of animals. Commercial animals (Taco dog, Gecko, Morris and Spuds), TV, movies, presidential, race horses, working, and weird & random.

There are also pages for Celebrity Animal Advocates, Celeb/Pet Match Game, and a Presidential Pets Quiz. In addition to these, there are also videos, forum, resources and a photo gallery. I could not access the shop though. Got an error message. I guess the page was removed.

In case you don't recognize the dogs above, it is Asta, the Terrier from "The Thin Man" movies. The mutt is the original Benji (his real name is "Higgins"). Isn't he adorable?


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