October 26, 2008


I am still mourning the loss of my best friend and pal, Bodie. He was only 6. He was attacked mercilessly by a Boxer and a Pit Bull who had a history of killing in the past. Bodie had a deep and big puncture wound in his lung. The Boxer and Pit Bull were not supposed to be at the dog park due to their violent nature. Unfortunately, their presence at the dog park cost Bodie's life. Bodie lost his battle while at the hospital's table. He did not survived despite the vet's efforts to save him. So, I wanted to post his picture in honor of him.

He was a wonderful dog who touched the heart of many people with his daily antic. He was one of a kind will be very much missed.

If you wonder what breed he is, he is a large Papillon, which means butterflies in French.


annaweltman said...

Bodie - he is so beautiful and you can see from his face that he is caring and full of love! This should not have happened to you or him...i am very sad for you both.
I wish you strength and peacefulness inside you, Daphna.
Love anna

Daphna said...

Thank you, Anna for the nice comment.

Jamie J. Delman said...

Yes, Bodie is very beautiful and very wise. I would love to see more photos of him. Maybe one of you together?

C said...

Daphna, my heart goes out to you. Brodie looks beautiful! I know how much he meant to you - its' so sad. Sending good thoughts & prayers your way. Stay strong my friend....

Melissa said...

I'm at a loss for words Daph...What a truly beautiful photogragph of him. You are in my thoughts. Let me know when you are ready to talk.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of Bodie!
His antics sure did make people laugh! Big HUGS to you, as you daily grieve his passing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daphna, My heart goes out to you. I remember when you first got him and brought him to my house so I could meet him. What a wonderful dog. There are not too many "hearing dogs" around and he was very special.
All my love,

Anonymous said...

Daphna, Bodie was truly an amazing and wonderful dog. It is such a horribly thing that should have not happened to him. We will miss seeing Bodie across the street from us and hearing his bark. Odin misses his playmate too. We are thinking of you during this sad time and wishing you peace and strength with each new day.
Judy & Anthony

Wendy Nelson Tokunaga said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Daphna. What a beautiful dog. My deep condolences,
--Wendy from SFWOW

Amika said...

What a gorgeous "puppy!!!!!" Oh Daph, I'm so, so sorry. He looks like a gentle soul and my heart breaks for your loss. I am so sorry and you and Bodie are in my thoughts.

Much love, Amika (and Zeus & Hercules)

Krishna said...

I wish Bodie whereever he is and you all the love you need. Sending Reiki to both Bodie and you.


Alexandra Fiona Dixon said...

Dear Daphna,

I cannot imagine watching my best friend being attacked and murdered by another dog. Even worse that the other dog had a history of violence and yet it still happened to Bodie. That is a great photograph. It shows that he was a beautiful-looking dog, but you can also see his beautiful little soul shining out through his eyes.

Best wishes.

Maryla said...

What a beautiful little soul. You can see his kindness and intelligence shine through his eyes.

I wish you peace and healing.

appleSong said...

honesty my BearLov, i 'm not so in love w/small fluffy kind puppy. but Bodie opens my mind of friendliness & sincereness. After you shared the meaning of his breed, i do agree Bodie is a butterfly doggy.
so cute*
keep sharing dog & cat story, your expression will calm my craziness down.

Anonymous said...

Bodie is a beautiful little guy-such a sweet face. Please know that you will smile together with him again some day. Be strong - you were (and still are as you fight) a wonderful mother to him.

Anonymous said...

Bodie--what a beautiful boy!

I'm so sorry for your loss.

- Jen

Anne said...

What a beautiful dog--so sorry for your loss, Daphna.

victoria said...


I am so, so sorry that you lost your precious Bodie in such a horrifying way. Clearly, he was a very very special pup. My kitties and I will light a candle for you and Bodie tonight.


Daphna said...

Thank you everyone so much, for your kind words and support. Your prayers and for thinking about Bodie and I. It has been very touching to me. I am still in shock struggling very hard with my loss, and the way it happened hit me like ton of bricks. It's very hard to come to terms with.

I visit his grave everyday and put a flower on it. it hurt so much. All those feelings to deal with. Time will heal... although very slowly for a long time. It's so empty here without a dog to jump and wag a tail with joy when I come home. It's lonely and sad to come to an empty house. It's sad there is no dog to feed, walk and buy new toys for him. No dog sitting in his dog seat in the back riding with you everywhere. It's so devastating. It hurt so much. I really hope there is a Rainbow Bridge out there were our dogs run and play.

I can't bring Bodie back, but I can do my best to bring him Justice.

Daphna - the linkster

Lisa @ Serah's said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. He was a beautiful dog. I know what it's like to lose a companion. He'll always be in your heart.