January 12, 2008

Oh, That is One Tall Building!

This is fantastic. The Museum has awesome futuristic illustrations and photos. There are also online exhibits. It is a real museum that is based in Manhattan. My favorite page is "The World's Tallest Skycrapers" under "Web Project". It shows the tallest buildings in the world beginning with the Masonic Temple in 1890 to Taipei in 2004's.

*Note - I know there are people out there like me, who have trouble reading white text over black. Some of the pages have that. Just highlight the text with your cursor (mouse), then copy and paste it into a blank text document. The text will be black. I believe there is another way using the browser's preferences, but I can't recall it.

The Skycraper Museum

No "Name Calling" In The Car

I went to visit this site, and saw that it was just updated. It is interesting to see how other countries including the US deal (or not) with this serious issue.

Countries That Ban Cell Phones While Driving

January 11, 2008

33 Ways To Tie Your Shoes!

Did you know that there are at least 33 methods to tie your shoes?! I certainly didn't. Can you imagine that? How does one come up with all those techniques? I can't even tie using the regular method, without my laces becoming untied at least once a day. Some of these knots are actually pretty cool, and most certainly will grab some attention.

Shoe Lacing Methods

January 10, 2008

The Future Of NASA

NASA has some really awesome futuristic images done by computer artists.

NASA Image Gallery

The Authentic History of The USA

The Authentic History site covers the years in the United States of America, since 18th century to present. It's divided into decades so it's easy to follow through. There are short explanations and descriptions of some of the documents. There is for example, pictures of the cover of the famous "Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television" (1950) booklet, and the several names of the "black listed" celebs, that includes famous entertainers such as Ruth Gordon, Burl Ives, Orson Welles, Burgess Meredith and a few others.

So basically, this site covers not only the years, but the aspect of the culture through the centuries. A few aspects include popular culture, entertainment, politics, wars, music (there is even a page of music songs about the atomic bomb), society, entertainment, sport, and so on and on. There are audio files as well of famous speeches.

The Authentic History Center

January 9, 2008

Replicating Indy

Magnoli's hobby is to create replicas from the Indiana Jones movies. Also, a few other movies as well, such as "The Lord of The Rings" and "The Goonies". There are also "miscellaneous" His replica items include but not limited to passports, photographs, diary, treasure maps, identification cards, and various objects. I am very impressed with all the work that was invested in creating these replicas!

The Magnoli Collection of Prop Replicas

Christopher Co's Vintage Posters

This vintage posters' company has posters from America and Europe. Many of them are well known pieces. If you want to buy one of these, you better have a hefty pocket.:-) These aren't the type of posters that you'll find at Print Plus. They do have some modern ones which are expensive, but these are mostly very old and all vintage. Those are the best. Lots of beautiful art. There is also a section for posters by Roger Broders, who was one of the best Art Deco poster artists. His vintage posters are highly collectable. Leonetto Cappiello is another featured artist here, whose posters are also highly collectable, according to the site.

As for the themes of the posters, they have colorado, cycling, ski, food, drink, motor sport, propaganda, travel, live entertainment, winter carnival, movies, olypmics, products, and Beaver Creek/Vail posters.

Christopher & Co Ltd

January 8, 2008

Flickr - Woody1778a's License Plate Sets

This is one serious collector! There are ton of plates from all over the world,even from Antarctica (see image above). There are a lot of old ones which were interesting. Woody1778a has a lot from Alberta, Canada as well. My favorite were the ones from other continents. I saw some cool and unusual plates, there is even one from Japan that glows! It is located under the Asia and Midwest set.

Flickr - woody1778a

Canstruct For Food

This is amazing. Canstruction is a food charity organization that uses this unusual way to get donations to fight hunger.

What a great idea! The architecture and the various objects are made entirely from cans! I wouldn't even know where to start. I bet that these art works must have taken a long time to build. They were all built for the charity as part of competitions across the US.

Thank you Dennis for the link.


January 7, 2008

Get Me To PEZ Central

I totally forgot about this site! It's fun enough to take a peek and enjoy it in your spare time, even if it's not up to date. I enjoyed this site. It has various stuff in it, such as history and the gallery of the vending machines. Among other things, there is also an active forum, and a sticker (some from the 1970's) page.

PEZ Central

*Note: If you go to the "PEZHEAD LINKS" page, be aware that this page is not up to date. Some don't exist anymore which is unfortunate. The forum page is a working url though, and a good place to visit. I have not used the pen pal page, so I don't know where the names lead to, (probably email addresses or personal websites) or if they are active.

The rest of the site is fun and fun. The vending machine gallery page was cool! There are 15 pictures to view. I remember when I went to the PEZ Museum in Burlingame, California (which is mentioned in my blog as well). I saw 2 or 3 of these machines. They were so cool, that I wanted to get one for my place. So that's probably why I like that particular page, grin. They are really awesome in person. Number 4,5,9 and 10 are my favorites.

Here is the link for the PEZ Museum in Burlingame.

PEZ Museum

January 6, 2008

Blog - Mayerson On Animation

It has been a while since I posted a link to a blog. This one is about the reflection of the art and business of animation. Mark Mayerson is a Canadian "writer, producer and director in TV animation for 29 years."

Mayerson On Animation Blog

Can You Hear Me?

Both sites have plenty of information and history of the hearing aid since its "birth". Interesting pictures of hearing aids, I've never seen or heard of before. Even though they are both are excellent links, the first focuses mainly on the advertising and marketing aspect, and camouflaging hearing aids. (hence the name of the site). The Kent University's exhibit, on the other hand, is actually an exhibition of the instruments themselves. some quite unusual, which is what the museum is all about.

Concealed Hearing Devices of the 20th Century

Hearing Aid Museum