May 2, 2009

The World SMARTEST MENSA Toddler!

Have you heard the news about the toddler with I.Q of 156 which is just tad bit lower than Einstein? She is so smart that she has joined the Mensa society. She is obviously the youngest member there.

ABC News - Meet The World Smartest Kid - article & Video

CNN Video

May 1, 2009

Is it an Ethnic or a Race? (no politics)

I've always have been confused about the differences between race and ethnic. They seem alike alike, but they evidently they aren't. The CIA tells you the ethnic groups for each country. This is great. It's simple and clear. I don't know how complete this list is when it comes to countries. So I can't vouch for that. But it seemed like an interesting page to post. As a matter of fact, the CIA's site has good information for both adult and children about other topics.

CIA - Field Listing-Ethnic Groups

While searching, I also looked at the Yahoo Answer site. A member asked what the difference between ethnic and race. Some of the answers didn't make much sense. I am not in a habit on relying on this site, unless it includes references. If you are interested in reading it too, here is the url for you below.

Yahoo Answers - What is the Difference Between Ethnicity & Race?

April 30, 2009

YouTube - Felix The Cat 1959 The Magic Bag

This is the first chapter of "The Magic Bag of Felix The Cat". I was thrilled at the quality of this video especially considering that this clip is from the 1950's.. I've seen a lot of crappy crappy videos from that year. According to the YouTube poster "Felix was the most recognizable characters in the world". I know who Felix is and I've always liked like him. But this is the first time that I've seen an entire episode. It is fun to watch this cat which also according to the user "Felix the Cat is a cartoon character from the silent film era". This is another reason that I was amazed at the quality of this clip. He actually made me smile. It's nice clip to watch when you are having a bad day, or when your cat drives you crazy.

April 28, 2009

Blog - Viewliner LTD

What a nice blog. It describes itself as "a tour of 'americana'. So much nostalgia and interesting pictures of the past of different subects, such as amusements, advertising, automotive, military, restaurant and much more. This blog is much fun. I also like the top photo with the liner train. It's quite nice.

Viewliner LTD.

April 27, 2009

Exhibition" - "A Woman's Work is Never Done"

I think this is a great exhibition for anyone. Even though it's about women, you don't have to be a woman or a feminist to enjoy it. It's about women history in workplace before the American Revolution. The subject of "A Woman's Work is Never Done" is about their lives before they had equal rights and all that. In short, the site describes its exhibition as "A look at women's work, from before the American Revolution through the Industrial Revolution, using selected images from the Society's collection." It's a really nice site and in addition, it has nice illustrations too.

To clarify, this isn't an essay. It's a simple exhibition for anyone, especially people who are interested in the life of women during the 18th and early 19th century, I would think. The site is from the American Antiquarian Society (AAS). This essay is fro 2004. I wish they had added more stuff since then. I'm sure there plenty of other information out there. They have some interesting photographs.

Short Explanations of the Photographs above

The woman in the far left is one of the most famous slave during the slavery years. Sojourner Truth, She was born ca. 1797 and worked as a slave in NY for different people until 1829. She was such a famous figure that I bet that she is in every book about slavery and women suffrage. She was also a self educated woman. I learned quite a bit about her when I took a class about slavery in college. She was incredible. This picture was taken ca. 1864. Those who wonder what Sojourner mean, it means "traveler". Her previous name was Isabella Baumfree .

The photograph on the top right is of a woman teacher. Those days many women who worked at the Sabbath school, were unpaid. Overall, there weren't many teachers who were women. This picture is actually a trade card of that the school, the Baptist Church in Boston that was established 1829,

The last picture on the bottom right shows a woman working on a Foudrinier Machine. A machine that was used in paper mills to make paper books. It was a popular job with women because it gave them a sense of independence and security. This image was taken in 1855.

A Woman's Work is Never Done

April 26, 2009

Blog - Retro YouTube

This blog is dedicated to those nostalgic days via YouTube. The nostalgia goes pretty far back. There is even a minisode of Casper, "Bored Billionaire" (postedSept 30, 2008). I so loved watching this little poor guy that nobody want to play with. There are a lot of stuff there I've never heard of. There is, for instance, the "The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest hoax " that aired This on April 1st, 1957 on BBC. It showed spaghetti growing on trees (posted April 1, 2009). I remember vaguely reading about it somewhere a long time ago. I can't believe people actually fell for it, and called BBC for further information. It's like little children who believe that the lollipops grows on the lollipop tree. I even know of such girl who really thought that. Heh.

Retro YouTube